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Title: Shining Stars: NO TEARS IN HEAVEN
Date: 17-Aug-2007

Lyrics and Music: WahLok

I have always been fascinated by how good secular song writers are. "Tears in heaven" by Eric Clapton is one of my favorites. My other all time favorites are "Sound of Silence" and "Wind Beneath My Wings". In this song, I give an answer to these great song writers/artists about what I believe.

In this song I share how I perceive heaven will be like. I hope those who have not known Jesus as their personal savior may get to know Him a little better with this song.

Verse 1
Eric Clapton sings of no "Tears in heaven"
I know He's right cos' heaven will be full of joy
God will wipe away all tears
There ain't no sickness, death nor fear
Cos' Jesus, will wipe away my tears.

Verse 2
Simon- Garfunkel sings of the "Sound of Silence"
Silence is golden, but heaven will be full of noise
Heaven's gonna be a noisy place, 
With every kindred and every race
I'll stand and sing and shout His glorious praise.

Cos' I have Jesus , Who takes me by my hand
I'll walk right beside Him, Into the promise land
There ain't not tears in heaven , No sickness, death nor fear
My Jesus, Will wipe away my tears.

Verse 3
Bette Midler has "Wind beneath her wings'
But I have a Whirlwind who makes me sing
The Spirit of God leads me to soar
At times, my praise, is like a roar
The Spirit of God, is "Wind beneath my wings".

Verse 4
Michael Jordan, believes he can fly
But I know Jesus is coming in the sky
I'll spread my wings like a Superman
We'll rise in the air across the land
When Jesus comes, I believe I can fly

ã 2001, Ng Wah Lok


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