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Title: Every Time I Pray: Ticket to Heaven
Date: 17-Aug-2007

By Wah Lok

Some may be thinking, "Where in the world did I get a title like this for my song ?". Well, I got the idea from the secular song "Ticket to ride" recorded by the Carpenter's in 1969.

One day, I was thinking myself. These secular artists sing and write about almost anything. What is a Ticket to Ride ? It is just a cheap ticket to The Universal Studios, Sunway Lagoon or even just for the bus or train ride. Yet secular songwriters can write a hit song on these simple things. Then all of a sudden, God spoke something to my heart saying, "Do you know I have given you a ticket to heaven and it is priceless ?". You can imagine my excitement when this thought came to my mind. I knew immediately that this was the title for my next song.

One of my key lines in the song goes like this, "The cost is priceless, yet it's free". How can something be priceless, but yet free ? Ironically, that is what eternal life is all about. It cost Jesus everything but costs us nothing. Eternal life is a free gift from God. Jesus paid the highest price anyone could pay by giving his own life to buy us our ticket to heaven.

Lyrics and music by Wah Lok 2000

Verse 1
Have you got yourself a ticket to heaven ?
The cost is priceless, yet it's free
I've got myself a ticket to heaven
Got it from Jesus, all for free.

That's why I live to worship Jesus
He's the Way the Truth and Life
He opened up the way to heaven
He paid the price to buy me a ticket to heaven.

Verse 2
Jesus is my ticket to heaven
He came to die to set me free
Jesus bought my ticket to heaven
He paid the price for you and me 

Verse 3
Heaven's a place where there's no sorrow
All our tears are wiped away
Heaven's a place where there's no sickness
All diseases wiped away.

Copyright. Wah Lok 2000

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