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Wah Lok's Song & Testimonies

Title: Everytime I Pray: Mighty Winds
Date: 17-Aug-2007

Lyrics and music: Wah Lok

Over the last several years, I was constantly reminded that we live in the last of the "Last Days". We need to prepare and be ready His coming.

Verse 1
Two thousand years have passed, This is the hour
He promised to return in awesome power
It's closer than we think, we better not dream
Prepare your hearts and bring the harvest in

Mighty winds are blowing,
Latter rains are pouring
The Spirit of the Lord is over the earth
Nations are proclaiming,
Millions are declaring
Jesus Christ is Lord.

Verse 2
Five virgins were foolish, but five were wise
The bridegroom came and caught all by surprise
The wise were ready but sadly the foolish were not
Prepare your hearts, get ready for the Lord

Verse 3
Set your eyes on the fields, the harvest is ripe
Send your laborers out and gather them in
The time is now, Tomorrow, we may never see
Prepare your hearts and bring the harvest in.

Copyright. Ng Wah Lok 2000


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