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Wah Lok's Song & Testimonies

Title: Every Time I Pray: We Are The Army
Date: 17-Aug-2007

In 1998, FGT received a prophetic word, "We will possess". The prophetic word was given early in the year and referred to our building. It was God's Word confirming what He had already spoken with our Senior Pastor that we should proceed to build the building. At that time, we did not have the full amount of RM 5 million needed for the building. Nevertheless by early 1999, we started construction of our building believing for God's full providence in cash. By 2001, all the funds needed for the building was raised. The building was paid in cash.

This song was written based on the prophetic word, "We will possess" quite soon after the prophetic word was given. Another song (not in this album), "Lord build Your Church" was also written around the same time.

"Rise and build the Church of God, You are the army of the Lord"



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