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Wah Lok's Song & Testimonies

Title: Shining Stars: SHINING STARS
Date: 17-Aug-2007

Lyrics and music: Wah Lok

When I came out full time in 1999, my first task was to run the 3- month School of Ministry for Tung Ling Seminary. Being the Principal, I wanted to write a graduation song for the students. Another Bible School in Kuala Lumpur, The School of Acts has already been using my song "Approved in Every Way" as their graduation song for many years.

Although I tried hard, the 3 months passed quickly and no inspiration came. I attempted to write again for my second School of Ministry in 2000. Again, no song came. In 2001, I was quite desperate for a song from the Holy Spirit. I shared with the students my desire and got them to pray for me. Well, it finally came on my third attempt. The students were overjoyed with the song and it became very meaningful to them. 

When the song was first sung at Tung Ling Seminary graduation service in 2001, a lady doctor approached me at the end of the service and interpreted my song to me. She told me the Holy Spirit spoke to her that the phrase "Glittering through the night" speaks of workers who will shine the light of the Gospel in difficult areas. What a revelation it was to me that evening. I was awed that some of our students may eventually serve in persecuted areas and be shining stars. This song left a deep impression on the graduating students and for this reason, I have decided that it should be my title track.

Dan 12:3 "Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever"

Verse 1.
My life is laid before Your throne
My life is lived not for my own
I've been touched by Your Spirit's power
To be soldiers in this hour
By Your grace, My life's been set ablaze

Verse 2
My life's been touched by the Master's hand
My life's been touched, to reach this land
I've been called to preach Your Word
I've been called to praise Your worth
By Your grace, My life's been set ablaze

Let Your fire burn, deep within my heart
It will always be, a consuming fire
Ever burning bright, a shining star
Twinkling through the night
Let Your fire burn, deep within my heart
It will always be, a consuming fire
A shining light, A shining star
Glittering through the night
The zeal of God is in my heart
We'll be shining stars.

Verse 3
My life is yielded to my Lord
My life is yielded to the Cross
A vessel of Your grace
A vessel for Your praise
By Your grace, My life's been set ablaze

2001, Ng Wah Lok E mail:


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