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This section contains some of my teaching materials on songwriting, music, worship and prayer. I have developed most of these materials over my 21 years as a worship leader. My song writing notes are developed as a guide to help upcoming songwriters as such notes are not so readily available. You are free to use these notes for teaching in your church. If you do need to reproduce or reprint them in your newsletters, do send me or the respective copyright holders an e mail.

Wah Lok


All articles below are written by Wah Lok unless otherwise stated.

Song Writing


  1. 20 Checklists for Songwriters

  2. 12 Practical Points for Songwriters

  3. Creating Melodies

  4. Writing Lyrics

  5. Writing Lyrics For A Praise And Worship Song

  6. Recording and Marketing an Album




Music and Worship


  1. The Importance of the Worship Ministry

  2. The Power and Evaluation of Music

  3. The Purity of Music

  4. David's Wrong Approach to Music

  5. The Sweet Incense of Worship

  6. 10 Requirements for Musicians and Singers

  7. Scattered Gifts - Dying Flames - by Timothy Lee

  8. The Songs That God Hates

  9. The Forms of Worship

  10. A Spiritual Renaissance - by Bernard McDonagh

  11. Secular Music - by Bernard McDonagh

  12. Throwing Stones - by Bernard McDonagh

  13. Value System Blues - by Bernard McDonagh

  14. No Minor Matter - by Bernard McDonagh

  15. Music - Are you serious? - by Bernard McDonagh

  16. Creative Freedom In Christ - by Bernard McDonagh

  17. Music - Are you serious? - by Bernard McDonagh

  18. Creative Freedom In Christ - by Bernard McDonagh

  19. Development of the Malaysian Gospel Music Industry - by Ng Wah Lok

  20. Confessions of a Music Fundamentalist - by Bernard McDonagh

  21. Development of Malaysian Gospel Music – A Model for the Third World - by Ng Wah Lok





  1. 5 Reasons Why We Pray for Our Nation

  2. 5 Reasons Why We Pray for the Harvest

  3. God Responds to Our Prayers

  4. 6 Marks of An Intercessors

  5. Ezra's Prayer for His Nation

  6. Hezekiah's Prayer for Healing

  7. Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

  8. 5 Reasons Why You Must Pray

D. Church Guitar 101
  1. The Guitar and the Church - by Bernard McDonagh

  2. Working at Making a Difference - by Bernard McDonagh

  3. Prevailing Winds - by Bernard McDonagh






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