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Wah Lok

For 22 years, I have waited to see Malaysian Gospel Music make a national impact and eventually a global one. But it never came. I have seen smaller nations like New Zealand, with 3 million people make a global impact with their songs. Why is this not possible in Malaysia with a population of 20 million?

Over the years, I have noticed in Malaysia that very few churches sing their own songs. They are contented to sing 100% foreign songs. I have also seen very talented Christian musicians move to the secular market because it is impossible to make a living as a Christian musician. It is indeed a very sad story because many of these talented musicians eventually fall spiritually because of the permissive lifestyles in the places where they work. My primary vision is to change the whole mindset of my nation and bring Malaysian Gospel Music to a global audience. My secondary vision is to promote local gospel music coming from other nations in Asia.Here is my 4 fold vision:-

1 Inspire a new generation of Malaysian songwriters that will write songs that capture what God is doing and use these songs in their Churches.
2 Promote high quality recordings of Malaysian Gospel Music.
3 Develop a Christian Music Industry where Christian Producers, Songwriters, Musicians and Artistes can make a living in their respective fields
4 Promote Gospel Music from other nations in Asia.