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 Maltida Radge

32 year old Maltida Radge is a music producer and a singer-songwriter in Malaysia, being involved in the music business since 1998. She is trained in pop vocals and holds a degree in Psychology and Human Resources Management.  She started her music career as a recording studio vocalist for jingles, ads, corporate songs and also as a Voice-Over artiste. She later wrote songs for movies and television.

In 2007, she became the owner of a Fame recording studio in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and started producing music for selected artistes. Some of her productions received considerable air play on the radio. She is an experienced cartoon-voice artiste and a script translator. Her scope of studio works include producing, writing and recording in English, Malay and Tamil.

In 2009, together with her husband Boy Radge (also a music director), she produced Thr Raaga radio station's theme song for Raaga Radio Awards. In 2010, she and her team won a VIMA award in the Best Music Genre Bender category. Soon after, she was invited to judge in a major weekly reality performance competition that was broadcasted nationwide. Besides that, she won a 2nd runner-up title in a local beauty pageant.

Though she has had a good career in the secular music industry for more than a decade, Maltida has always longed to use her talent for the Lord. On October 2010, Maltida and Boy Radge released a gospel album titled, Be Thou My Vision to help raise funding for a church building.

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