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William Kok


William Kok is an accomplished guitarist, gifted with the ability to play a complete musical arrangement all on one guitar. In year 2004, he released a guitar solo album The Music Maker. His album consists of 10 tracks featuring sentimental and gospel music arranged and played with one guitar. You will hear familiar tunes like Segala Puji Syukur, As the Deer pants for the waters and "White Christmas". William has an ability to juggle the bass, melody, rhythm, harmony and other guitar techniques to create an illusion that there is more than one guitarist playing. His musical journey started when he served as a voluntary teacher in the House of Joy for underprivileged children. God guided him to conduct music lessons, seminars and training for under privileged children. His calling and vision is to produce praise and worship songs with guitar solos and train others to discover the musical expressions of a guitar.

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