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  Malaysian Praise 2006
  Meloldy Cinta - Jenny Liew


Siinger-songwriter, Jenny Liew worships at Georgetown Baptist Church, Penang together with her husband, Joe and their two children. She has been serving in the Music & Worship Ministry  for the past 23 years, with the last 14 years as a Worship Leader.

Melodi Cinta” is her debut album released under the label  Infinity Creative Works. The first song in the album, “Malaysia UntukMu” has been adopted as the accompanying song for the NECF’s Nationwide 40-Day Fast and Prayer 2006 launch program.

This album is a testimony God’s provision because she had only 3 songs when she embarked on the project. As she took a step of faith to produce this album, the Lord continued to inspire her to write another 3 songs.  Each song had a story to tell.  By the time she compiled all the songs, she noticed that the theme that runs through the whole album is on God’s unfailing love. Thus, the appropriateness of the title “Melodi Cinta”  which means “Melodies of Love”.

Calling herself a “songwriter as inspired by God”, her desire is to see a great multitude of people from every nation, tribe, people and language standing before the throne of the Lord to worship Him.

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Chen Sing – My Eyes


As a music director of Earth Productions Music Ministry since the year 2000, Chen Sing and the ministry strive to bring the Gospel to the world through music. Having a burden for the Chinese community around the world, Chen Sing hopes to build a new chapter in Chinese Gospel music and continue to share the love of Jesus with the music God has given her.

Producing her latest album, “My Eyes” recently, it was quite a challenge for Chen Sing who at the same time being a music director, a University Professor and is leading a campus ministry. Despite challenges, she admits that God’s grace is always sufficient and that He deserves all the glory.

The latest album contains music and lyrics that move hearts. The tracks include “My Eyes”, “All the Earth”, “Heaven’s Gate”, ” True Worship”, ” Because You Love Me”, ”Dawn” and an English song, ”Wings of Love”.  The best song, "Wo De Yan Jing Yi Kai" literally "My Eyes Opened",  expresses the thankfulness for Jesus because of what He has done in our lives, for being our Saviour. Ultimately, by knowing Jesus, the "eyes" of our hearts are opened, therefore we are not lost anymore and that we may find true joy and peace because of His amazing love.

During the recording of the album, Chen Sing was deeply touched by God’s words. Nan Fang, the ministry and music producer as well as other staff who were present said, “God is in our midst”.

Indeed, Chen Sing has a great passion for music, and plays the piano, guitar, and harp. She has written hundreds of songs and previously produced several albums include “Sing to the Lord”, “Are You Willing?”, “Use Me, My Lord” and “Starry Night”. Besides that, she has also authored the book “You and Your Household Shall Be Saved”.

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  The Lord is my Light – Joanne Ng


“ The Lord is my Light”  is  Joanne's second  album.  It is a mandarin album with one English song ("Look at the Cross") and one Hokkien song. Five songs from this album are playing on MCSN Radio: "Light of My Life", "I Behold Thee", As White as Snow", "Every Time I Pray (Mandarin), and "Look at the Cross".  The song “Every Time I Pray”  was  written in 1981 by Wah Lok and Yuen Woh.  The album was produced by James Yee.

Joanne Ng released her debut album  Glory be to God on March 2005. Her debut  album is a rare  recording of  10 Hokkien Praise and Worship songs.  This singer/songwriter  is a mother of 3 young  children and worships at Calvary Charismatic Centre, Petaling Jaya.  She sings regularly at old folks home, lunch meetings and churches. God has given her a great compassion and burden to reach the lost and Joanne has used her music to reach especially those with deep needs.

Besides the Hokkien language, Joanne also speaks and  sings in English, Mandarin and  Bahasa  Malaysia. She ministers regularly to people with needs, in the different languages.

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  Better than life – Calvary Youth

Better than life is an album by the Youth from Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur. Calvary Church is the largest AOG church in Malaysia and led by their Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Prince Guneratnam. The main people behind the album are Steven Kum (Advisor), Adrian Lee (Exec Producer), Joel Wong &  Bryan Mak (Producer/Arranger) and Jeremy Koh ( Prod. Manager).  Bryan and Arian also served as worship leaders. The musicians include Michelle Wong  & Jennifer Tang (Keyboards),  Adrian Lee and Bryan Mak (Drums), Jason Tan (bass), Peh Choon Wee, Kester Low ,Joel Wong &Alvin Kang (Guitars), and Se-Ken & Raymond Yeo (percussion). Allison Wong & Sheryl Chong served as Vocal directors.

The album contains 7 English songs and one Malay song. The title track Better than Life was written by  Allison and Joel Wong. Adrian Lee wrote 2 songs, All Blessings &  With Every Thing. Others who contributed songs were Alvin Kang, Sheryl Chong, Jeremy Koh, Bryan Mak & Jennifer Tang.

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  Christ my Supreme Identity (CSI) – by Youth of Full Gospel Church, Johor

CSI is produced by the Youth of Full Gospel Church, Johor. The album was conceived when they had a TEENz camp  in 2005. In the camp, God gave them  a vision  to impart to all teenagers a Christ Identity. Full Gospel Church, led by Pastor Albert Cheng is one of the largest church in Johor.

The album contains 5 English and 3 Mandarin songs. The title track CSI has good and catchy rock feel. The songs in the album were composed by TCTT, YongThai, BoonFei and Philip Tan . Musicians include Lynn, Koon, FuYau, HupTwo, Peter, Aaron and Victor. Vocals were performed by TCTT, YongThai, Peter, FuYau, David, BoonFei, Angela, JieLin and Meliza.


  FOR REAL - Juwita Suwito

Malaysian Singer and Songwriter Juwita Suwito released her long awaited second album “For Real” in November 2006. After releasing her stunning debut album, “Brand New World” which was awarded Best Local English Album at the prestigious Malaysian Music Industry Awards (AIM) in 2005, Juwita has gathered many fans from all across the country. Her sweet voice, clean-cut image, gentle melodies and “straight from the heart” lyrics have appealed to a large spectrum of fans, both in the Christian and Secular markets.

“For Real’ includes songs written by Juwita, "Beautiful Lies" from the Original Soundtrack of the movie ‘Gol & Gincu’ and the classic "Desperado" made popular by The Eagles. It also features a Malay track entitled "Teman Sejati" which she co-wrote with Habsah Hassan. The first single, "Walk Away" is currently being released on major radio stations in Malaysia. These songs accentuate the realities of life as viewed by a young adult in a soulful yet fresh and contemporary urban style. The album, produced by Aubrey Suwito, Greg Henderson and Kieran Kuek, sheds new light on Juwita as a vocalist and songwriter.

With the release of “For Real”, this Malaysian Idol vocal coach ( also nominated for the Best Female Vocal Performance in an album 2005) is certainly poised to move her music into international markets.

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A DAY at the ZOO consist of  Christian musicians who are committed to express their love in music. The  Rock band with a passion for ministry was formed in 2002 originally with friends in Shah Alam. Later the band began to evolve as talented musicians,  Wagner Daniel (drums) and Mozad (bass) joined the original band members,  Justin (guitars) and Jonathan(vocals). Over the years the band has been  actively involved in evangelism and praise & worship concerts  designed to reach out to the people. Justin also preaches the  Word at these concerts.

The band  networks with various charitable organization in helping people live better lives.

A day a the ZOO is driven, inspired and motivated to communicate Love and  positive lifestyle through their music. Seeing from a little child's eye "a day at the zoo" is always filled with excitement, anticipation and loads of fun!

This  self titled single (EP) offers a good blend of Rock numbers. The EP was self produced by the band members and recorded at Nick Lee's Sonique studio. Nick Lee and Mozad helped in the mixing of the album. The album has   2 English songs written by Justin and 2 Malay songs written by Jonathan. The English song Way Of the Ants talks about an average working class person going through their daily chores. The other English song  Rescued is about God's grace. The Malay song  Seperti Dulu is a love song and a people's favourite. Kawan is about a friend seeing another best buddy slipping away but yet remaining  a true friend.

The album is now on dale  at Canaanland Book stores.

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  THE TIME HAS COME - Brian John Yim
  Singer and songwriter and founder of BYMC, Brian Yim, released his debut solo album The Time Has Come in Dec 2006. The album contains 9 English , one Malay and one Mandarin song. Brian wrote 9 songs for this album himself.

Brain gathered an interesting team of Artistes to work on the album. Juwita Suwito sings a duet with him in the song Let Revival Come. Vincent Chong and Tina Chua also sang duet with him in the song The Time Has Come and You Alone respectively. Joanne Yeoh played violin for the song Jesus Loves Me This I know

But the thunder was not stolen from Brian himself who delivered this album with a variety of arrangement styles for his songs and excellent packaging. Jesus Loves Me This I Know was delivered with a jazz arrangement. YA Song comes with children’s voices and a child’s touch. We Have Climb, In Your Love, Here I Am, The Time Has Come, Abah, are worship songs reflecting Brian intimate worship for God. To add to this, the only Mandarin song is also an excellent worship ballad. Brian is indeed a very versatile Artiste who can perform in English, Mandarin and Malay all in one album.

This album was produced by Abraham Tee and Brian Yim himself.

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  CELEBRATION – William Kok
  Accomplished guitarist Willian Kok has surprised everyone by teaming up with a renown Greeting Card Producer and releasing his third  album CELEBRATION at the same time.CELEBRATION, a compilation of 10 tracks from his two  previous albums The Music Maker  and  Every Time I Pray comes as a gift pack. The gift pack contains the CD   and  greeting cards that are filled with bible verses and words of encouragement.  This gift pack  is now available at leading bookstores and retail outlets such as Jusco, Tesco, Guardian, MPH, Popular and 7-11 . 60,000 copies of cards and CDs are expected to be sold making this album one of the best sellers in the market.

William Kok’s Guitar Solo Instructional Tabs Book are also available via direct mail order. You can contact William Kok at :-

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  GTLim – Child of God

GTLim or Pastor Lim Gee Tiong is fondly known by his church members as the singing pastor. This is not surprising as he has released 12 albums. His recent release Child of God was recorded in Singapore and produced by Mandarin pop arrangers Martin Tang, Kenn C and Jonathan Koh. This album features Christian songs written by GTLim in Hokkien.  This is his third Hokkien album, the other nine are in Mandarin. He began writing songs as a university student in New Zealand in 1988.  In 1991, he returned to Malaysia and released his debut album Chase After Life . He continued to write songs and release albums, even after becoming the pastor of Blessed Church in Kuching in 1995.

It was with his fifth album, Hold My Hand that gave GTLim a breakthrough. The title track, a Hokkien song about trusting in God, became a hit here, and in Singapore and Indonesia. 

Lim, who has been channeling proceeds from his albums to his church or charity, will always see himself as a pastor first.  “Singing is a secondary calling. Whenever the two clash, singing has to give way,” he said. 

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  Patrick Leong – Unto You


The long awaited 2 nd release from Patrick Leong is now in stores nationwide. The debut album titled "Unto You" was released on the 13 January 2006 . A compilation of personalised worship songs that touches deep into ones heart bringing about healing, restoration and even the intimacy with the Almighty God. Comprising of 9 brand new tracks and an invited guest singer from Singapore , Galvin Sng of a song in which he wrote “Above All Else”.

"Unto You" will bring about change and transformation to the soul with the intimacy of the worth of worship unto God in the highest honour. Through the songs, messages and testimony of “Unto You” Patrick hopes that you will fall in love with the Maker of heaven and earth as you will be transformed, renewed and be blessed.

Patrick Leong is no stranger in the Malaysian music scene. He sang lead vocals for the song "Silenced by You Love" in Wah Lok's album Every Time I Pray . He has also sung back up vocals for some of Malaysia 's top secular

  Paroimia – Youth Ministry of Full Gospel Assembly, KL (FGAKL Youth)
  You – Full Gospel Church, Johor Bahru (FGCJB)

Paroimia, which means parable in Greek, drew inspiration from the Wordless book, or as some would call it the “Book of Colors”. In 2006, the FGA Youth produced a 15 minutes production entitled "Wordless", with absolutely no dialog. The message was communicated though drama, interpretive dance and colors. Drawing from that experience, the FGA Youth have returned to produce their second “musical drama and dance” entitled Paroimia directed by Darren Ong. The music and sound tracks of Paroimia are all their original music written and produced by Darren Ong. Another song writer Joe Loy wrote the song Love Came Down.

This musical drama is about a prince who was born in the Golden City. His name was Prince Elyon. That same day, the commander of the Golden Army, Kieron, led a rebellion against the King and stole away the citizens. It had been foretold that a day like that would come, when a savior would be needed. He would have to die in exchange for the citizens’ freedom. His blood for theirs. Prince Elyon was to be that savior.

Will Elyon be able to wipe the darkness of Kieron out? Will the people ever be free from the clutches of Kieron? Well, you will have to see Paroimia to find out. Hopefully the FGAKL Youth will decide to stage this musical drama again. Maybe you can persuade one of their members to lend you their DVD.

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