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 Josh Yeoh – Is Anyone Out There ?

Malaysian Singer & Songwriter Josh Yeoh has a heart is to see a generation crying out for purpose reached through music. Josh’s debut album, “Is Anyone Out There”, is an expression of this desire. Featuring 11 original songs written over the course of the past five years in Josh’s adopted home of Northfield, MN, this project introduces listeners to Josh’s original sounds, from intimate piano-driven melodies to rock anthems and smooth jazz.

Josh’s love affair with all styles of music began early on in his life. When he was two, after small group meetings at his parents’ home, Josh would plonk the melody of worship choruses on their little electronic keyboard. Much of his music education was from growing up in church: Josh played on the kids, youth, and finally, at age 12, the adult worship teams. Josh started leading worship at age 15 and soon after began writing worship songs for his home church congregation in Malaysia.

The college years saw Josh traveling halfway across the world to the town of ‘cows, colleges and contentment’ to pursue a degree in Psychology and Cross-Cultural Studies at Carleton College. The people and experiences he encountered during the four years in Northfield would ultimately influence the style and content of his songs. While recording a CD of his own has been one of Josh’s dreams for a while, it wasn’t until the year after his graduation that doors began to open. A few months, 11 tracks, and a couple thousand dollars later, he released his debut album “Is Anyone Out There”.

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