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 Lourdes Dass

Lourdes is an accomplished songwriter and has been writing Christian music for congregation worship since 2001. Despite not having formal music training, Lourdes taps on his guitar skills to create beautiful melodies and his God fearing Catholic family background to write his Christian lyrics. In 2005, he entered his songs in the Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition (MRSC). Both his songs “Together” and “Candles Shine” made it to the finals in that competition with “Together” winning the first runner-up for the horizontal category. “Together” was subsequently recorded in the album Carbon by StarMaker.

In 2004, Lourdes also worked on the album “Destiny” by New Life Restoration Centre Shah Alam in 2004. The title track “Destiny” written by Lourdes has been translated into Mandarin (in the same album) and into Hokkien in an album by Joanne Ng.

In 2009, Lourdes released his debut solo album Candles Shine featuring 8 of his original songs under the StarMakers label.

Apart from songwriting, Lourdes Dass leads worship and plays the acoustic guitar. He also sings at various church and charity events.

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