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  Malaysian Praise 2007

Messiah King - Wah Lok


After making an  impact with his first 2 albums, Every Time I Pray  in 2001 and Shining Stars in 2002, Wah Lok’s long awaited  third album Messiah King was finally released in  Jan 2007.  He has taken a 4 year break but  this album is worth the wait.

Messiah King contains another 10 of his original songs, 8 of which were co-written with Australian lyricist Barbara Tipper. The song  Harvest of the Field , a slow ballad, won the Australian Gospel Award 2004 for the Best Hymn. Another song Birds and Bees went all the way to the finals for the year 2006. The title track Messiah King is powerful worship song with the  lyrics focusing on Jesus as  Messiah and King who should reign in our hearts.   The  song One Voice, One Heart  is another good worship song used for the National   Prayer Rally  in Malaysia in 2003. Wah Lok also collaborated with Fernando Brito from Portugal, a professional wind instrumentalist, who recorded Every Time I Pray in Portuguese with orchestral arrangement. Another track Lighthouse  has powerful lyrics showing Jesus as our lighthouse who guides us in times of trouble. The song has a jazz arrangement with Willy David Rebano on piano.

Timothy Lee produced the album. Lead vocals were performed by Barbara Tipper, Alicia Chew, Fernando Brito, Percibal Caranto, Maria Rebano and  Lani Calderon.

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Chen Sing - When Life Becomes Music



“When Life Becomes Music” is Chen Sing’s instrumental album released in 2007. This self produced album is a compilation of songs reflecting a journey with God and this life journey is translated  into lyrics and songs. “When Life Becomes Music” include 15 tracks with a blend of instruments such as guitar, piano and synthesizer. The album creates an atmosphere of worship and is good listening when you are doing your devotions.

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  Carbon – Starmakers
   Carbon - Starmakers

Carbon is a compilation of 6 winning songs from the debut Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition 2005. The competition drew many entries from across Malaysia and the winning songs were recorded into this album. The winning song Everything I need, written by Teh Ju Ping has a romantic melody which will capture your attention at the first listen. Another outstanding song You are the reason was written by Gabby Tham who later went on to launch her solo career. Other winners include Sofia Lim ( With You), Lourdes Dass ( Together) , Anson Ong ( There?s abundant love) and Pastor Sam Neil (Open up your heaven).

Amelia Tan served as executive producer. Sharon Paul arranged the songs and Samuel Oh & Coleen Yap performed the lead vocals for the album.

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  Jubilee – Warisan Bangsa
Review by Ng Wah Lok
   Jubilee - Warisan Bangsa

Jubilee – Warisan Bangsa is the debut release of All In One Network (AION). The album, consisting of 7 Malay & 3 English songs, was released in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th year of independence. The founder of AION, Pastor Matthew G Singh brought together some of Malaysia’s top Christian Artistes, including Jaclyn Victor, Vince Chong , Juwita Suwito and Patrick Leong to lend their voices to this album. The song Champions of Malaysia, written by Rev. Susan Tang and Wel Loren, is about a little nation Malaysia becoming strong and achieving greatness. Patrick performed lead vocals for that song. The title track Jubilee is a song about the nation coming to a time of renewal and freedom. Matthew G Singh and Teh Ju Ping ( Winner of Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition ) co-wrote this song. Vince Chong sang his own composition Breathe Again, a catchy praise song. Juwita sang Satu Suara ( One voice), a song about unity in the Malaysian church which she co-wrote with Matthew.

The album was recorded in Indonesia with Erwin Badudu, Tommy Widodo and Leonard Kristianto as music arrangers. Jeremy Kumar produced the album. This album is well recorded with excellent vocal performance and musical arrangements. The audio CD also comes with a DVD.

AION’s vision is to unite and equip the Body of Christ in Malaysia. They previously organized the National Transformation Conference (NTC) which made a significant impact in Malaysia.

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A Celebration of Reflections - Peter Wong


This album is a  collection of songs by Peter Wong written from 2003-2006 . The songs reflect the seasons on the Christian calendar as well as seasons of his own personal spiritual journey and reflection. Among the songs in the album are Worthy is the Lamb,  Psalm 71,  Crown Him the King of kings, He shall be great,  Christmas etc. Also included is a bonus track of 5 Mandarin songs by the Mo Yi Nong Church Choir from China.

Peter Wong  studied classical vocals for 7 years and was a choir director, worship leader and pastor for many years.  In the early seventies, he was also a Music Staff worker with Scripture Union. During these years,   he produced the SU SING ALONG Volumes 1 & 2 and  the SING SING SING HALLELUJAH  books and song cassettes. He also had the opportunity to work with the combine choir to produce  musicals by Jimmy Owens, COME TOGETHER and IF MY PEOPLE.  This combined choir toured all across Malaysia and Singapore.



Inspired by You - WIlliam Kok


'Inspired By You' is William's third guitar solo album, subsequent to the release of 'The Music Maker' in year 2004 and 'Every Time I Pray' in year 2005

Created to commemorate the first anniversary of his marriage, it is inspired from a personal experience through which he realized how much God really wants us to love our spouse like Christ loves His Church

The album features 13 tracks of Gospel songs, uniquely played in fingerstyle and the song 'Inspired By You' , specially written for his wife as an affirmation of their marriage vows
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 Rise to Worship- Joyce Yeoh 


Rise to Worship features
12 instrumental worship songs recorded by accomplished pianist from Penang, Joyce Yeoh. The album features piano solos as well as some songs accompanied by Fernando Brito from Portugal on the Oboe. Among the songs in this album are This is my desire, In Moments like this, Great is Thy faithfulness, God will make a way, Hear our praises, Amazing grace, Give Thanks, The Power of Your love etc. Not to be missed is one of Malaysia’s favorite worship song “Every Time I Pray” written by Ng Wah Lok. In this album, Joyce displays her mastery of the piano, where she plays skillfully and with a sensitive anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Joyce started playing the piano at 5 years. By age 11, she was already playing in the church . She completed her Grade 8 at age 14 and went on to complete her Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship in Trinity College, London. She further studied at University Sains Malaysia and received a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in music.
  I Trust in You – Gabby Tham
  I Trust in You is Gabby’s debut album with 10 of her original songs. Worshiping in the Vineyard Church, Johor, Gabby writes most of her songs from her personal walk with God. Gabby burst into the music scene in 2005 when she entered a national songwriting competition in Malaysia . Three of her songs were short listed for the finals, with her song “ You are the Reason ” winning third place in the competition. This caught the attention of Patrick Leong who signed her as an artiste for Oops Asia.

This long awaited album is perhaps the best recorded music Gabby has done so far. The title track I trust in You is an intimate worship song, reflecting the Father’s love for us. You think you’ve got it all comes with a Latin beat with a message that we all need Jesus. Gabby’s songs certainly has an intimate touch of God’s presence.


Review by Ng Wah Lok on 27/7/2007

  Faithful God – City Discipleship Presbyterian Church (CDPC)

Faithful God is a collection of 5 original songs by CDPC released on the occasion of the church 7 th anniversary. The title track Faithful God, written by Sharon Amrita captures the theme of God's faithfulness to their church beautifully. Their visionary pastor Rev. Wong Fong Yang wrote The Father's Heart , a song about God the Father who gave His most precious Son to die for our sins. This short song has an awesome and powerful message and is intensely powerful. Yong Yi and Sarah Wong wrote and performed lead vocals for their songs Your Love amazes me and You were always there respectively. Julia Pong wrote the only Malay song entitled Bila. Both Julia and Sarah captured their songs well with some wonderful lead vocals.

The album was recorded with some help from Patrick Leong, Juwita and Nick Lee who are already well known in the music industry. Charles Wong and Simon Siow did the musical arrangement for the songs.

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Review by Ng Wah Lok on 26/7/2007


Alabaster Jar – Joanne

  Alabaster Jar is Joanne’s third release with 8 English, 2 Malay and 2 Chinese songs. Joanne has released 2 earlier albums, Glory be to God ( Hokkien) and The Lord is my Light ( Mandarin). Joanne is a very unique artiste as she is able to sing in so many languages and different Chinese dialects.

This singer/songwriter, a mother of 3 young children, sings regularly at old folks home, lunch meetings and churches. God has given her a great compassion and burden to reach the lost and Joanne has used her music to reach especially those with deep needs.

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  Sold Out – 1am

Sold out is the second album released by 1 am ( 1 Accord Ministries) with 12 of their original songs. This album is a follow up of their highly successful debut album Revelation. Youths will certainly love Sold Out for its fast, dynamic and lively music. 

Songs  like  Singing & Living, My God is so big, All I wanna do and  Dive in  are very catchy and can certainly move a crowd. Children will especially like My God is so big.

The album was recorded live with the worship team of Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowship led by Pastor Timothy Loh. Cathryn Loh (Worship Pastor) , Kelvin Lim (Worship Director)  and Neil Batiancila led the  worship. Songwriters, Neil and Kelvin wrote most of the songs in the album. Although the album begins with loud and fast music, the title track Sold Out is a slow worship song about Jesus who loved us that He came to die for our sins. As a result, we should all be Sold Out for Jesus. My favourite song in the album is  My Father, which  is an intimate worship song which can draw you into God’s presence.  Sold out is an excellent recording and should not be missed.

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Review by : Ng Wah Lok on 27/7/2007

Dream Centre – Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC)


Dream Centre features 3 songs written by Patrick Leong, Dream Centre, The Church that serves and On Holy Ground. The title track Dream Centre is written about DUMC and its vision to “Building God’s Community & Making Known His Glory”. The song represents the calling of the Church to be an impact in the society and the nations. This album was produced by Patrick Leong and Andrew Tan for Oops Asia.

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