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  Malaysian Praise 2002


Shining Stars is WahLok's second album. WahLok has emerged as an anointed song writer who captures moments of history in songs. The title track of his first album "Every Time I Pray", written in 1981 has touched millions of lives across Asia.

Shining Stars again contains some very touching songs. The title track "Shining Stars" is a very devotional song, written for the graduating students of Tung Ling Seminary. The song calls us live our lives ablaze for Jesus, a shining star for His glory. Another touching song in the album is "She moves her feet to dance" WahLok wrote this song about a girl in his church, named Judith, who fell sick and was totally paralyzed. The church fasted and prayed. Miraculously, Judith recovered. He attributes the healing to the intense prayer of the church.

The song "Beside You" was written in 1983. WahLok wrote this song for his friend Leslie Koch who was dying of colon cancer. As a church, they stood with Leslie with prayer and fasting until he passed away at a very young age. This song encourages us to stand with our friends who are terminally ill.

"Unheard Voices" is a song with a powerful message about the needs of the poor. WahLok says the poor are never heard. So are the children sold to prostitution or babies who are aborted. This song carries a message which he hopes will convict people to remember that there is a world out there with great needs.

Shining Stars is indeed an album which contains songs with powerful messages.





A Song in the Night is a collection of songs by Penang's prolific songwriter KB Chan. Although KB Chan has been a dialysis patient for the last 7 years, he has remained faithful to his calling and continued to write songs over these traumatic years of his life. The production of this album itself is a wonderful testimony of his spirit and love of Jesus. What a testimony of triumph in the midst of adversity !. 

10 songs in the album were written by KB Chan himself and 2 more songs by his daughter Karen Hughes. The title track "A song in the night" tells us how God can help us through our difficulties. The best and most touching song in the album is "Daddy You're my hero". This is a simple song but it will minister to every father in a very deep way. It certainly carries a strong anointing. "Burning Sweet Incense with My Song" is another song with a powerful message.

Contact : KB Chan- Tel : 012-4839061 or E mail :

SAND by Lucy L


The buzz: SAND, produced by Masterpiece Music, is the first CD recorded by a group of youths in Penang. It contains 10 songs written by Lucy L, and sung by teenage and young adult musicians from seven different churches. SAND was released on June 15, 2002 during a Youth Conference.

The Plot and Players: Lucy L, is the writer of the 10 songs featured in SAND which incorporates ballads, R&B, pop and hip hop songs. A cellist and pianist, she teaches music in her own studio. A composer at heart who's harbored dreams of writing songs for more than a decade, most of these particular songs were written between 1999 to 2000 when she was studying at Hillsong Sydney.

Lucy is currently the music director of Georgetown Baptist Church and she also helps her husband Aun, who's a youth pastor. "I was a classically trained musician from Trinity College of Music, London, but when I was 
studying music in Sydney, my style changed completely - having been seriously introduced to pop and the whole range of contemporary music,' she discloses.

While with Hillsong Sydney, Lucy had been in the choir for the "By Your Side' album and also a cellist in "For This Cause'. This CD is a dream come true for Lucy and she took it a step further by involving youths from seven different churches in Penang in its making. The recording took over five months to produce, and is recorded and mixed at Hits Recording Studios, the premier recording studio in Penang.

Watch out for: Songs include the hip-hop " Sold Out" challenges the youth to be sold out for God's kingdom. "Not for Sale' which tells youths not to be sold to the world, " Don't wanna to be ordinary"-to live a meaningful life 
and leave a legacy behind.



REPRISE - Geoffrey Woo



Geoffrey Woo is a singer/composer, and has been in the music ministry for 20 years. He received this calling while he was an Engineering student in Melbourne, Australia. Upon completion of his studies, he returned to Malaysia and stepped out into the ministry and has been living by faith all these years. This is the special aspect of his ministry, to be evidence of God's ability to provide supernaturally.

In those 20 years, Geoffrey has released 5 albums and 3 singles. The last album, REPRISE, is a retrospective album culled from his previous work. It is also a commemoration of 25 years of song-writing. Two of his singles have received radio air-play in Singapore, namely, JUST ONE LIFE Pt.II and MORE THAN LIFE. The
latter single has literally traveled around the world, having been selected for the onboard programming on Singapore Airlines flights for one month.

Throughout his ministry, Geoffrey has ministered in churches around Malaysia and Singapore, and has toured Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, Manila in the Philippines, and Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia. In spite of all this, Geoffrey still manages to keep a low profile.

Email : Geoffrey Woo ;
In You Lord - Breakthrough City Church

In You Lord is the first contemporary worship album recorded and launched in Malacca. The people behind this album are from Breakthrough City Church. There are 9 songs in the album, out of which 8 were written by their song writer Raj Kumar (RJ). RJ also produced the album and sang lead vocals. The songs in the album are catchy and can be easily sung for worship in churches. Besides RJ, others who were involved in recording were Alan, Carl Lester, VJ, Maria, Luke Shekar, Leon and Marcus Chew.

This album captures the heart of a worship in Breakthrough City Church. The songs in the album connects anyone to God in simple and yet profound way. 

Email: Raj Kumar -



Impressions comprises of a group of Christians from different churches and denominations who have come together with a vision to proclaim the gospel through creative arts: music, mime, song and dance. As early as 1978, Impressions were founded when a group of young people from Malaysia Youth For Christ (YFC) pooled their talents and resources together to form a music team. The team sang and performed at school and college YFC clubs, rallies and churches.

Legacy is a collection of their original songs performed by members of the band. Lead vocals were performed by John Tan, Ritchie Tay, Juwita Suwito , Loretta Chin, Carol Anita Nair and James Yee. The album was produced by James Yee, Steve Leong and Ritchie Tay.

The album Legacy is a reflection of the legacy of the band over the last 24 years. 

Contact: Jackie Looi
Tel: 60-3- 78769534, 019- 3656535
E mail: or

By the Blood of the Lamb – Daniel Soo
  By the Blood of the Lamb is a recording of original songs by Daniel Soo from the Likas Baptist Church, Kota Kinabalu. Daniel Soo is an anointed songwriter and serves as worship leader in his church for more than 15 years. He has written most of the songs from his personal encounter with God. Many of his songs have powerful testimonies behind them. He shares of the themes of God’s glory, forgiveness and love and the need to pray unceasingly for the nation.

The theme song By the Blood of the Lamb speaks about the cleansing power of the blood. Daniel wrote this song after a heavy flood in his city. The song Jesus Reigns was written when the church in Sabah were praying against the La Nina and El Nino phenomenon around the world. As the church prayed, God sovereignly held back the flood waters in Sabah.

Sim Kwan Hoon, Sonia Chin, Cheong Lai Fong, Paul Lim, Ben Tham, Chloe Teo, Tan Gam Kyee, Lilian Tham and Yvonne Tham were involved in this recording. Daniel Soo sang lead vocals.

Contact : Likas Baptist Church – Tel : 60-88-422938


Minni Ang - I'll Never Say Goodbye

Minni K. Ang is an exceptional musician and intellectual. She hold a PHD in music technology and writes her own songs, arranges, sequences and produces her own music, and sings her own solos. A classically trained musician, she has been working in the field of music technology since 1996. Her music covers a variety of genres, from pop to easy listening to crossover classical, all of them tuneful. I'll never Say Goodbye is her debut Gospel album.

Email: Minni Ang -


“Hallowed be Your name” is a recording of all original songs by Jordan Rivers. Jordan is regarded by many Malaysians as one of the best Christian lead guitarist in the country. Some of the songs in this album were recorded in the United States. The title track “Hallowed by Your name” was written in 1993 after God spoke to Jordan, a professional musician to use the “rod in his hands”…his guitar. This album seeks to reflect the awesomeness of the great I AM. 

The album was birthed after a year of prayer and fasting. During this time, God had to totally do away with the old wineskin in Jordan Rivers and fill him anew. Most of the other songs were written around 1993 when God showed Jordan how he must live a life depending of God’s Holy Spirit and power. Although recording commenced in 1995, the album was released only in 2002. “God has his perfect timing”, says Jordan Rivers.


LIGHT UP MALAYSIA, is a Mandarin album produced by Pastor Grace Lee Kim Poh. The album was released in July,2002. The songs in the album focuses on prayer for the nation. Grace Lee wrote the songs through her close walk with Jesus. She reflects the love of God for the nation in some of her songs, and some do carry a strong anointing. 

Grace got the inspiration to write "Light Up Malaysia" when NECF organized the 40 day prayer and fast leading to the Merdeka Eve Prayer Rally in 2001. When she read the prayer booklet , the words "LIGHT UP MALAYSIA" came into her mind instantly. The song was birthed from that experience.

The singers for this album are from various churches, Full Gospel Assembly, DUMC, Kepong Methodist Church, Varsity Centre and New Life Restoration Centre. Pastor Steve Hsieh from ROCK, Taipei was the music director. Grace says " It is my privilege to have so many churches worked together in this album. I know that this pleases God's heart because Churches are working together in unity. This is my prayer that in one day, all Christians should praise our God in one accord."


FIRST PRIORITY is a debut single album by AYA (Asian Youth Ambassadors). It has been the vision of AYA to produce a full album which echo the cry of Malaysian youth and this is the first step towards it. Over the last 5 years, God has used the AYA band to reach thousands of young people with radical, real, raw and relevant praise and worship songs. 

This single release contains 2 of their original songs "In Your Presence" and "Reign King Jesus". The album is produced by Kenneth Chin and Jay Loh. 

AYA is also planning to record a full album in early 2003. If you do have a song you have written, you can submit it to AYA for review at the following address:-

PO Box. 8112, Kelana Jaya, 46782, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Please include demo tape (not more than 3 minutes) , copy of lyrics, lead sheet with chords and background of song (if possible). High recording quality nor fanciful arrangement is not needed for the demo.

Phone : 60-3-56378737


FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS is Zoe's debut album which she produced herself. Zoe, an anointed pianist from the Tabernacle of David (TOD) wrote most of the songs in the album. She has been serving in the worship ministry for the last 18 years, touching thousands of lives with her songs and skillful touch on her instruments. The songs in the album are simple worship songs used in her church. 

This album was recorded at the TOD Music Studio. The sound engineers and musicians are mainly for the church itself.

Website :

We Reverence You - The Vineyard Church, Johor Bahru

We Reverence You (Jing Wei Ni) is the debut album of Vineyard Church, Johor Bahru. It contains 15 Mandarin songs and 2 English songs. The album is produced by Michael Mui with band members from the church. The Vineyard Church is one of the fastest growing churches in Johor Bahru. The Chinese congregation is led by Pastor Lim Hong Lian. Pastor Lim believes revival and the manifestation of God's presence will only come when God's people return to the basics, that is to worship God in spirit and in truth. Because the Vineyard Church has discovered God's presence in worship, many are coming back to the Lord at nearly every service. In some cases, entire families are saved. 

Their weekly services are held like grand celebrations unto the Lord, where people are set free through spontaneous worship. The songs in this CD are birthed through the cries of the people coming back to reverence God, giving our Lord Jesus Christ all the glory and honor He deserves.

Vineyard Church 07-3546345 or

Michael Mui 019-7731652 or