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  Malaysian Praise 2011
  Waking Up - Geoff David Koh

“Waking Up” in the second Mandarin album by Singer and Songwriter Geoff David Koh released in 2011. This follows his debut Mandarin album “Attracted” released in 2008. Originating from Sibu, Geoff is presently serving in full time ministry at Blessed Church, Kuching. He is an accomplished song writer and his songs have been recorded by numerous artistes from Canada, China, Taiwan and Malaysia. His songs have also won the top prize at a Malaysian Song writing Competition. Geoff has a heart for evangelism and often speaks at camps and evangelistic meetings, using his gift in music as a tool to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Waking Up
Track 01 梦醒 Waking Up
Track 02 可哭的肩膀 Shoulder To Cry On
Track 03 小迷糊 Confused Kid
Track 04 祷告 Pray
Track 05 宽恕 Forgiveness
Track 06 做回单纯的我 Return To Simplicity
Track 07 高分贝赞美 High Decibel(dB) Praise
Track 08 为父的心 A Father’s Heart
Track 09 现在才懂 Now Then I Know
Track 10 坚信 Trust
Track 11 愿意爱祢 To Love You Willingly
Track 12 我的抉择 My Decision
Track 13 献给祢 For You (福建歌 Hokkien Song)

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  My Heart Has No Regret – Chen Sing

Dr. Yap Chen Sing has released 7 albums and awarded “Most impactful Female Artiste Award” in 2011 by Malaysia Gospel Music. She has sung in more than 100 concerts and is one of Contemporary Christian music's most popular female vocalists. Her fans will be delighted with her latest release “My heart has no regret”. This album from Earth Productions has 10 tracks and continues to focus on worship, similar to her last record, "My Eyes Open & True Worship". The title track encourages listeners to be faithful to their calling to God, encouraging us to live in peace and fully surrendered to God, because God is worthy of our worship. The theme focuses on God's grace and His never changing love. This album is co-produce with Beijing Top Producer and the local Beijing Orchestra. Chen Sing desire is that her songs will bring hope and peace in a chaotic world.

Album Highlights: “My heart has no regret ", "Worship in Heaven" and "Rain of Blessing” in English.

Song title:
01 God’s son
02 Standing by Grace
03 My heart has no regret
04 The Precious Blood of Jesus
05 Worship in Heaven
06 Jesus is Coming again
07 Rain of Blessing
08 Living Water
09 The Deepest Cry
10 God’s son instrument



  In That Day – Josh Yeoh

"In That Day" is a worship album that centers on the revelation of Jesus as Bridegroom, King and Judge. The album was released in December 2011 and features 13 songs, all birthed in the Prayer Room. Among the well-loved tracks from Josh are "Where You Are" and "Desire Of Every Nation", and many new and original songs that will usher you into His presence and ignite a deeper longing for the Day when we see Him face to face. Josh performed lead and background vocals, piano and keyboards. Joseph Lam played acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums. Carolyn Boin performed lead vocals on “How We Long” and Bernice Jesudasan performed lead vocals on “There Will Be A Day / Garden”. Josh Yeoh’s first album release was “Is Anyone Out There?” in 2008.

1. Prepare the Way - Prelude
2. Prepare the Way
3. You are beautiful
4. Song of the Lamb
5. Where you are.
6. Love You rightly
7. Desire of Every Nation
8. will go for your
9. Fairer than (Interlude)
10. The Bridegroom King
11. How we long
12. There will be a day/garden
13. In that day (postlude)



  Adore – By MGM (Malaysian Gospel Music)

MGM was launched on 9 April 2011 with a vision to promote Malaysian Gospel Music. The Adore album is a compilation of 12 carefully selected songs which are suitable for worship in churches. Adore is MGM’s debut release. The album was launched at MGM Nite on Nov 27 2011. MGM Nite was also an event where Malaysian Gospel songwriters, producers, arrangers, bands and solo artistes over the last 30 years were recognized for their contribution to Gospel Music in Malaysia. Approx 1500 people from all over Malaysia attended the event.

The Adore album consists of 12 good worship songs. The list of songs is given below.

1) Every Time I Pray – Ng Wah Lok and Voon Yuen Who (sung by Josh Yeoh)
2) You Are The Reason – Gabby Tham
3) Holy Spirit Come – Raymond Tan
4) On Holy Ground – Patrick Leong
5) Arise – Catherine Wong (sung by Elena Koshy)
6) Forever yours – Tabitha Kong
7) Psalm 63 I Will Bless You While I Live – Esther Mui (duet with Patrick Leong)
8) Open The Heavens – Raymond Tan
9) I Will Declare Your Name – Kelvin Lim (with 1 AM)
10) Faithful God – Sharon Amrita
11) Totally You – Alex Tan (duets with Sandra)
12) God Of All – Damansara Utaman Methodist Church (DUMC)

“Every Time I Pray”, already a widely used Malaysian song was voted the most impactful Malaysian song. This album contains a new recording arranged by Andrew Tan. “Ps 63”, a scripture in song by Esther Mui is also a new recording and carries an amazing anointing. “Arise” by Catherine Wong is also a new recording. The rest of the 9 songs were songs chosen from previous releases by Malaysian artistes. “Holy Spirit Come” by Raymond Tan is an anointed song recorded in UK by SAND. The song originating from Penang is beginning to make inroads into many churches. “Forever Yours” by Tabitha Kong was taken from the SIB KL “Power” album produced by Nick Lee. “Totally You” was written by Alex Tan and recorded by the Acts Church. The Adore album is probably one of the most significant releases in Malaysia. The album could finally take Malaysian songs into Malaysian churches and finally into international markets.



  Extravagant – Ruth Chai

Extravagant is Ruth Chai’s debut album released in 2011. There are 9 songs in the album followed by a brief message. All songs are sung and played (mainly the sound of piano and strings) by Ruth. One of the songs is an unedited and totally spontaneous track. Ruth composed all the songs except for lyrics of ‘The Blood Covenant”. The Blood Covenant is a poem written by E.W. Kenyon, father of faith in the 1800’s. Ruth’s songs reflect her intimate worship for God.

The songs aim to bring emotional healing and encourage all to let go of past disappointments and to step into their destiny through God’s extravagant love and grace. Some listeners have sensed a healing in their emotions and courage to let go of the past and step into the future. The music does have a soothing effect on the listener.

Ruth Chai is a worship leader at Without Walls Outreach Ministries (Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia).  Ruth started playing the piano by ear when she was 6, imitating her elder sister and proceeded to learn piano between the ages of 8 and 16. At the age of 12, she began to play the piano and sing at her local church. In her teenage years, Ruth began to compose her own songs and has since won a number of song writing competitions and talent shows.

Ruth travels within Australia and internationally to churches and organizations to encourage others through songs. Ruth also teaches on spontaneous singing and song writing.

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  Safe Habour – SAND ( released 2011)

Safe Harbour is SAND’s ( Saved for A New Destiny) sixth album. In this release, they have ventured into Mandarin and Hokkien Gospel Music. There are 12 tracks in this album, consisting of a unique blend of different musical genres- Pop, Rock, R&B, Techno & Ethnic styles.  All the songs were recorded at Hits Recording Studios, Penang; and were mixed and mastered in the UK by Andy Green and Richard Kimmings.

SAND is a ministry with the vision to raise up a young generation of Christians who will use their gifts and creativity to serve God in music and creative arts. The ministry originated from Penang, and is spearheaded by Lucy L.

Tracks for Safe Habour

01 ?????
02 ????
03 ?????
04 ???
05 ??
06 ???
07 ??
08 ?????
09 ????
10 ?????
11 ??????
12 ???

Website :


  Songs of the New Covenant (NKJV) – Esther Mui

Following her word-for-word Scripture in Songs debut album “The Songs of Ascents”, Esther Mui has returned to release her second Scripture in Songs album entitled “Songs of the New Covenant”. The album was birthed much from Esther’s reflection of the lessons she learnt from her house church. Beginning from December 2009, their church entered a season where Holy Spirit gave them a greater revelation of the grace of God in the New Covenant. Esther was able to put these lessons and appropriate scriptures into songs, word for word. This is an amazing feat, even for the best musicians. However, with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and her gifted songwriting ability, she has managed to release this album in Jan 2011. You can easily sense the anointing on her life as you hear these songs. 

The album contains 10 tracks, with lyrics taken word for word from the NKJV scriptures. Tracks 1,3 ,4, 7 and 8 has a soothing effect on the listener.

1. Isa 40:25-31 – Those who wait on the Lord
2. Jer 31:31-34 – The New Covenant
3. Eze 36:24-28 – A New Heart, A New Spirit
4. 1 Cor 11:23-26 – Take Eat, This is My body
5. Ps 84 – How lovely in Your Tabernacle.
6. Ps 19:7-11 – The Law of the Lord is Perfect
7. Ps 19: 12-14 – Who can understand His Errors?
8. John 14:15-18 – The Spirit of Truth
9. John 14:21, 23-24 – If anyone loves Me, He will keep my Word
10. Rom 11:33-36 – On the Depths of the Riches

Esther is an accomplished pianist and worship leader who has written more than 70 songs over a period of 24 years. She founded Malaysian Christian Songwriter’s Network in 2006.  She has released 2 other digital albums,  Untuk Mu and In His Arms of Love. Amazingly she remains a full time homemaker and mother of 2 teenagers.

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  Be Thou My Vision - Maltida & Boy Radge



Be Thou My Vision is a gospel album released by Maltida and Boy Radge to help raise funds for a church building.

32 year old Maltida Radge is a music producer and a singer-songwriter in Malaysia, being involved in the music business since 1998. She is trained in pop vocals and holds a degree in Psychology and Human Resources Management.  She started her music career as a recording studio vocalist for jingles, ads, corporate songs and also as a Voice-Over artiste. She later wrote songs for movies and television.

In 2007, she became the owner of a Fame recording studio in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and started producing music for selected artistes. Some of her productions received considerable air play on the radio. She is an experienced cartoon-voice artiste and a script translator. Her scope of studio works include producing, writing and recording in English, Malay and Tamil.

In 2009, together with her husband Boy Radge (also a music director), she produced Thr Raaga radio station's theme song for Raaga Radio Awards. In 2010, she and her team won a VIMA award in the Best Music Genre Bender category. Soon after, she was invited to judge in a major weekly reality performance competition that was broadcasted nationwide. Besides that, she won a 2nd runner-up title in a local beauty pageant.

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Facebook: Matilda Radge