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Steve Leong

Steve has been involved in music production since the early 90’s. He started as a freelance music producer for local television series. After a few years, he had his first break to produce soundtracks for TV and radio commercials, composing and producing jingles and corporate songs. In 1995, Grace Note Sdn Bhd was incorporated and functioned as a music production studio. As a qualified audio engineer from SAE, Steve handles the whole process of composing, arranging and engineering their projects.
Steve spends a major portion of his time in Christian music ministry. In 1985, Steve started playing the organ in interschool youth meetings. The following year he started to play for the main service on Sundays, and have not stopped ever since.

It has always been his dream to play the synthesizer keyboards. He spent a much of his allowances as a schoolboy buying music magazines to drool and dream over those super music machines. He loves the buttons, knobs, the wheels, joysticks, ribbons, LEDs, and later the LCDs. His dream was realized when he was invited to audition as a ‘synthesizerist’ for a gospel band called The Impressions. There he embraced the most popular synth in the world - the legendary Yamaha DX-7 (the original model with 2 rows of green membrane switches). He learned the hard way to digital synthesis, fiddling under layers of sub-menus, tweaking and creating new patches to perform with the band.
Steve served with The Impressions since 1986.

The Impressions have played countless numbers of evangelistic concerts, bringing hundreds, perhaps thousands, to know Jesus. They have ministered in about every state in the country, playing from small churches to large rallies in stadiums, going as far as Melbourne to share the good new through music and arts. Today most of the pioneering members are serving as leaders in their own churches.

Part of his job comes from arranging music and recording sessions for Christian composers. Steve works with contacts from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand and the US. It is a way that God has opened up for Steve channel his music further out to other regions. God has also opened the door for him to minister in China. With a team of good Christian musicians, Steve goes in to China a few times a year to train Chinese church musicians and hold outreach concerts. This has been one of the ministries that Steve is most burdened for the past few years, because he had the opportunity to see the hunger that his fellow musicians in China have for Jesus.

In 2008, Steve released his own album “One” which consists of 9 of his own compositions. Steve presently serves with a team of musicians in the Dream Center, DUMC.