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  Malaysian Praise 2012
  SAND - Milestone

How do you celebrate your 10th anniversary? Well, SAND did it by releasing their 7th album entitled Milestone with 7 English and 4 Bahasa Malaysia songs. What an appropriate title ! Having released 6 albums (Sold Out, Dreams, Hope, Only One lifetime, Worship Forever and Safe Habour), in the last 10 years, Milestone is an a great album to capture 10 years of their music ministry.

Milestone was produced by Andy Green and Lucy L. The recordings were done in both UK and Malaysia. This albums also captures the emergence of Jeremy Ng (Lucy’s son) who wrote 4 songs (Breakthrough, Break Me, What do you want for Christmas and Satu Suara (co written with Jenny Liew). Lucy wrote 6 other songs and Daniel Chan one song for the album. Lead vocalists include Ingrid DuMosch., Brent Miller, Matt Aincough, Patrick Leong, Joni Tham, Benedict Weerasena and Megan Cheah. 

1. Breakthrough
2. Make my life a sacrifice
3. Renew them in our days.
4. Because of love.
5. Break me.
6. Through your eyes.
7. What do you want for this Christmas?
8. Raja Pencipta.
9. Sorak Semua.
10. Ku tetap percays
11. Satu Suara.

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  EVERWOLRD - Musical by SIB KL

Everworld is a musical by SIBKL. The musical is about a dream to seek an unknown beautiful place called Everworld, a place where hope and joy abounds! But no one from the village of Hopley had been to Everworld, not until the King of Everworld invited them to visit his mystical Kingdom. His invitation broke the long silence spell and marked a new beginning to step foot in a place they could only dream of, as they faced multiple trials before reaching there.

In conjunction with the musical, SIBKL also released an album entitled Everworld consisting of 16 tracks. Pastor Lee Choo provided the overall leadership for the entire musical. Most of the tracks were recorded in SIB KL All the songs were composed by Onn San, Grace Sng and Will Beale. The album was produced by Onn San himself who also arranged and orchestrated the songs. Grace Sng did the vocal production. Recording and mastering were done by Felix Voon and Nick Lee respectively. Joshua Lee, Tabitha Kong, Quah Li Jin, Dennise Yap and Elle Lim performed most of the lead vocals as they were the main cast. In addition, 3 radio versions of the songs were produced and they were performed by Amy Yeoh (Everworld), Will Beale (Good things take time) and Grace Sng (Don’t let go).

This is an amazing and exciting musical to watch and listen to. It is probably one of the finest productions from Malaysia.

1. Overture.
2. Dawn arrives.
3. I will go.
4. Journey ahead and “I will go” reprise.
5. Maybe tomorrow ( Featuring Good things take time).
6. Somewhere deep inside.
7. Don’t let go ( Everworld version).
8. The sea demons scene.
9. Prospero’s lament.
10. Git’ into the groove.
11. Come baby sister.
12. The chase.
Bonus tracks

13. Everworld (theme song) – Radio version featuring Amy Yeoh
14. Good things take time – acoustic version featuring Will Beale
15. Don’t let go – radio version featuring Grace Sng
16. Overture (instrumental)



  The Day After - Timothy Lim

Released on 21 July 2012,  "The Day After” is Timothy Lim’s second album following his first album "This Road” released in 2009.   Timothy wrote all the 11 songs for this second album and the music is targeted to a youthful audience. . One of the key themes in the album is 'Hope', an anchor in the midst of storms. Jonathan Tse arranged the songs and produced the album. Tim is presently serving full time in the worship ministry of Faith Christian Centre, an Anglican church in Bandar Sunway.
Track List
1. For your alone
2. Today
3. Compass
4. The after Tomorrow
5. Hold on to.
6. Brighter days
7. Perseverance.
8. In My mind
9. Not afraid
10. This love you gave.

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  Reflections – Kelvin Lim (2012)
  Released in 2012, Saviour Friend is the second live worship recording by Resonate, the worship ministry of DUMC. The album has 7 English and 4 Bahasa Malaysia songs. All the songs were written, arranged and produced by members of DUMC. The album has lively worship songs, with a modern feel and lots of lead guitars.

1. There's a Longing
2. Create in Me
3. Psalm 1
4. Your Word
5. I Will Enthrone
6. Ku Cinta Pada Mu
7. You're My God
8. I Will Arise
9. It's So Good
10. I Will Go
11. Standing in the Gap
12. It's Your Grace
13. A Good Woman



  Song of Salvation – Esther Mui (2012)
  This album contains 12 songs by Esther Mui written word for word, directly from scripture. This is an amazing feat and somehow Esther has managed to do it under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Track No. 10 was written by Esther’s daughter Rebekah Mui. The focus of the album is Yahweh - our Salvation. This is Esther’s third Scripture in Song following her earlier 2 albums, Songs of Ascents and Songs of the New Covenant.

1. Psalm 27:1-4 The Lord is My Light and My Salvation
2. Psalm 138 - I Will Praise You With My Whole Heart
3. Psalm 63:1-5 I Will Bless You While I Live
4. Psalm 61:1-4 Hear My Cry, O God
5. Isaiah 53:3-7 By His Stripes We are Healed
6. Revelation 21:3-5 Behold, I Make All Things New
7. Isaiah 62 Surely Your Salvation is Coming
8. Isaiah 43:1-3 Fear Not, For I Have Redeemed You
9. Psalm 91 My God, In Him I will Trust
10. 2 Timothy 2:11-13 He Remains Faithful (Rebekah Mui)
11. Psalm 121 - My Help Comes from the Lord
12. Revelation 1:5-8 Behold, He is Coming with Clouds
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  Saviour Friend - By Resonate (Worship Ministry of Damansara Utama Methodist Church - DUMC)
  Released in 2012, Saviour Friend is the second live worship recording by Resonate, the worship ministry of DUMC. The album has 7 English and 4 Bahasa Malaysia songs. All the songs were written, arranged and produced by members of DUMC. The album has lively worship songs, with a modern feel and lots of lead guitars.

1. Saviour Friend
2. BersamaMu
3. Ku percaya
4. Worship You
5. Only in You
6. Bapa ku
7. Hidup Baru
8. In Your Freedom
9. I Surrender All
10. Great is the Lord
11. I Believe
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  Inseparable – Patrick Leong

Released in Jan 2012, Inseparable contains 11 tracks by Patrick Leong which he has written about his journey with God. All the songs have a very special meaning to him. Patrick gives the reasons why.

Behold– While recording this song, Patrick and his recording engineer Andrew heard a tenor voice through the computer system. Patrick concluded that it was the voice of an angel.

Forever Glorified – While listening to this song, Patrick was reminded about God’s faithfulness and his tears just streamed down.

Adonai – A song that helped him to connect with the glorious maker of the heavens and the earth when Ezekiel related his experience in visions. is presence. Adonai & Behold are a congregationally inspired to be sung as a corporate body.

If My Heart Is Far Away From You – Based on Mt 15:8, the song reminds us not just to honor God with our lips but with our whole hearts.

1) Adonai
2) We Declare
3) Glorious
4) All That's Within Me
5) Behold
6) If My heart Is Far Away From You
7) Renew
8) Inseparable
9) Forever Be Glorified
10) Go Sin No More
11) O Morning Star

Read about how each song was written and what they mean to Patrick Leong in the link below.