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Lucy L

Lucy L is a gifted song writer from Georgetown Baptist Church, Penang and the Producer of the dynamic youth album, SAND- Sold Out ( SAND means Saved for a New Destiny). Sold Out was released in June 2002. Lucy L wrote all the songs in SAND –Sold Out and gathered young people from seven churches in Penang to participate in her album.

On Sept 12, 2004, she released her second SAND album entitled DREAMS under her own recording label Masterpiece Music. Lucy wrote most of the songs in SAND-Dreams but also included 2 songs from other songwriters from Penang. In her launch of her album in Penang, she used a variety of lights, dances, flags and multimedia to communicate her message in her album.

Lucy L graduated from Trinity College of Music London(1989), majoring in classical piano and cello and has been teaching music for more than 12 years. She has also been writing Gospel songs for the last 10 years.

In 1999-2000, she went to Hill Song, Australia and Sydney Conservatory to further her music education. During these years, she participated in the live recording of two Hill Song albums. This was a major turn around to her style of music resulting in the release of her contemporary album SAND. Lucy has a great passion for the youth and desires to train a whole young generation to excel in creative ministry, especially in the realm of song writing and worship. She is presently also the Music Director of George Town Baptist.

Remember to catch this dynamic music-powerhouse from Penang who has take the music circles by storm.