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Geoffrey Woo


Geoffrey Woo is a singer/composer, and has been in the music ministry for 20 years. He received this calling while he was an Engineering student in Melbourne, Australia. Upon completion of his studies, he returned to Malaysia and stepped out into the ministry and has been living by faith all these years. This is the special aspect of his ministry, to be evidence of God's ability to provide supernaturally.

In those 20 years, Geoffrey has released 5 albums and 3 singles. The last album, REPRISE, is a retrospective album culled from his previous work. It is also a commemoration of 25 years of song-writing. Two of his singles have received radio air-play in Singapore, namely, JUST ONE LIFE Pt.II and MORE THAN LIFE. The latter single has literally traveled around the world, having been selected for the onboard programming on Singapore Airlines flights for one month.

Throughout his ministry, Geoffrey has ministered in churches around Malaysia and Singapore, and has toured Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, Manila in the Philippines, and Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia. In spite of all this, Geoffrey still manages to keep a low profile.

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