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  Malaysian Praise 2005
Revelation – 1 a.m. Academy/ Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowship

In 2005, 1 a.m. Academy was launched, as a hands–on worship school that trains disciples on the worship of God through performing arts and the media. The Academy offers courses ranging from training in instruments, vocals, projection and sound under its School of Music. The songs in their album “Revelation” were birthed as part of their overall vision to worship God and promote Christian Art. These songs reflects their thoughts on God’s power, riches, wisdom, honor, glory and blessings. 1 a.m. Academy is part of the ministry of Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowship, a thriving church in Puchong, Petaling Jaya

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  Liang- 8oz of Soul


Liang's passion for music began in HELP Institute where he joined 6-man acapella group Legato, performing at various college functions & events. Legato has even had the privilege to work with critically acclaimed drummer Lewis Pragasam, performing with him at the Kiara Jazz Festival. Liang doesn't just sing but also plays the bass, the guitar and the piano.

Liang's new mini-album “8oz of Soul” is a fun hip-hop album with a mix of both fast and soulful numbers - all written by Liang himself, some in collaboration with other talents. The first single “Show Me Whatcha Got” is a laid back groove track about how people aren't always upfront with others. Another track to look out for is “The Feature” in which Liang collaborates with James Baum of “Skirts” fame.

The EP also contains the track “Silver Linings” that can be found on Oops! Asia 's tsunami-relief compilation “Through The Rain”. “Silver Linings” has already received good listener response on Xfresh FM hitting number 1 on the Xfresh FM 10 & Carta 20 charts. His current single “Show Me Whatcha Got” hit number 1 on's Malaysian English Top 10 charts and also being making its presence felt on's Top 30 chart. As a result Liang has already appeared on with Serena C and also in a Christmas Eve special. A music video for “Show Me Whatcha Got” has just been completed and is due to make its rounds on local TV as well.

“8oz of Soul” is a collaborative effort of many names in the local music industry and features the involvement of luminaries such as producer Nick Lee, JD of Pop Shuvit & the “Maestro of Mix” in the local club scene Jungle Jerry.

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  INTIMACY - Pastor KB Chan


Pastor KBCHAN is a worship leader, a songwriter and Christian recording artiste with a Psalmist anointing. He has so far released six Christian albums being, ‘ Revival is in this Land' , which has 6,000 copies sold in 1989, ‘In a Sacrifice of Praise' in 1991, ‘Look on our Fields' done in the USA in 1992, ‘ The New Season' in 1994, ‘ A Song in the Night' in 2002 and now the latest worship album called ‘ Intimacy – a worship experience' 2005. All the albums have been well received locally and abroad. So far KB has written more than 60 songs.

The album Intimacy includes 10 of KB Chan's original songs, among them Spiritual Intimacy, Run to the Healer, Heart of Worship, No other place, Cant live without Your love etc. It even has a Hokkien song called Tharn Ean which means “sweet incense”. The songs in the album were arranged and recorded by Boyradge

Saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit in August 1987, he spent the earlier part of his ministry reaching out to the small churches in the East Cost of Malaysia and moved among some AOG churches in Kuala Lumpur back in 1989-1991 while still working in the bank. He was called into full time ministry in July 1992 after working in a bank for 23 years.

While preparing to serve the Lord in a big way in 1994, the doctors told him that his kidneys had failed and he needed to go for dialysis three times a week. He has been a dialysis patient for more than 10 years now. In spite of his physical condition, he still carries his keyboard and ministers to smaller churches locally. He was a worship Pastor for two years in a local church.

Ordained and recognized as a minister in 1996, he started a ministry of worship and intercession called ‘Sweet Incense'. Many lives have been touched and transformed by his music as he ushers them into the throne room of God. his life and testimony have been a good testimony of God's grace and provision in times of needs. He has been acknowledge as a ‘walking miracle' and spends his time witnessing to new dialysis patients and has brought many to the Lord these 10 years.

In July 2003, his kidneys were removed because doctors said it was life threatening. It was a miraculous operation and doctors took five and a half hours to perform the operation. In spite of the fact that he has no kidneys and has to do dialysis three times a week, the Lord strengthens and restores his ministry to the nation. He is now traveling across the nation to minister in churches and camps and has brought much comfort to the hurting and the broken-hearted. He has just completed his sixth album called 'Intimacy-a worship experience'. Pastor KBCHAN is married with two daughters. One is married to an Australian and they are both Pastors and his younger daughter is a graduate.

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  IN - Lim Chee Peng and Clarine Chun ( Fungates Music)

IN is Lim Chee Peng and Clarine's second album, a follow up of their first children's album COOL. This second album contains 11 of their original songs and is for a general audience. The title track In Touch speaks about our need to be in touch with God. TOUCH is an acronym for Testify, Overcome, United, Chosen and Happy. In Touch is done in a traditional rock and roll style. Another track, Ten Times Better communicates a message of how we can all shine for Jesus and be 10 time better. The track You are the Teacher communicates an important message that teachers must be dedicated so that they can impact students. One of Fungates main ministries is to train teachers so one can understand where this song is coming from. Thank You Jesus is a simple and passionate worship song.

Clarine and Chee Peng come from the Trinity Baptist Church, Alor Star. Clarine is the pastor of the church and as well as founder of Fungates, whose ministry has impacted children across the world. Chee Peng is the worship leader and is the main person behind all the music in Fungates.



  A WAKE UP - Edmund Smith

He is fondly known as "Ed". Ed is an artiste with a difference. As a composer, his songs are about life, love, faith and matters of the heart. his dream is to inspire the people around him and the world with his songs and his unique voice.

Wake up is Ed's debut album with 11 of his original songs. The title track Wake Up is a call for all to realize that life is great and too beautiful to be wasted on wrong things. This is Ed's favorite ballad . Amanda is a song written about Ed's best friend and how they developed from friendship to romance and marriage. My sister is a song about his only sister, Helga and their childhood together. Other songs in the track include Silent Voice written about those with hearing impaired and No Goodbye which is a ballad for farewells.

Ed has been singing, acting and dancing professionally on stage since the tender age of 13. his career as an actor on the big screen include staring in a Singaporean movie Chicken Rice War and a musical drama Mid Autuum's Love . Besides performing, his other passion is Community Work. Inspired by his home-church “The Salvation Army”, Ed together with his wife Amanda are the founders and directors of RLM Management; a non-profitable Christian organization that has been reaching out the less fortunate communi


Joanne – Glory be to God (Hokkien Praise)

This is a rare recording of praise and worship songs in the Hokkien language (a dialect of the Mandarin language). There are 10 songs in the album, 9 of which were written songs by Joanne herself. One song in the album was written by Lourdes Dass. Joanne sung all the lead vocals herself. The album was produced by Charles Oh.

Joanne worships at Calvary Charismatic Centre, Petaling Jaya. She sings regularly at old folks home, lunch meetings and churches. God has given her a great compassion and burden to reach the lost and Joanne has used her music to reach especially those with deep needs. Although she is married with 3 children, she remains faithful to God in serving with the gift of music that God has given to her. Amazingly, Joanne can sing English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Hokkien songs.


  Jonathan Tse - Purpose


Purpose is Jonathan Tse’s debut album with 10 of his original songs.  The musical content of the album  varies from contemporary pop music to jazz, and is arranged in a very casual and light mannered tone. Purpose is aimed to reach out to an audience that is primarily young and energetic college students. Its lyrics touch on topics regarding life from the perspective of a young college graduate, trying to find his purpose in life. Most of the issues engaged in his songs are inspired by Jonathan’s own life experiences, capturing the ebb and flow of a young man caught in the hustle-bustle of metropolitan life. The tracks in the album include So beautiful, Supernatural, Season without love, Purpose, Formality, Change, Shape my life, All for me, My everything  and Showtime.

Jonathan Tse is a youth pastor in a local church called Faith Christian Centre located in Bandar Sunway. Hailing from the Federal Territory of Labuan, he graduated from Inti College Subang Jaya with a BSc. in Computer Science in April 2004.

His musical talents have been honed since the tender age of five when he first enrolled into a music school to learn the organ. Since then, he discovered his love for music and he started playing the bass guitar in his church in Labuan six years later.

He is now pursuing his theological studies as a part-time student in Malaysia Bible Seminary.

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  "Every Time I Pray" - Guitar solo album by William Kok

This is William Kok's second guitar solo album featuring 14 songs including Amazing Grace, As the deer pants for the water, Come on and celebrate and Come Holy Spirit. The title track Every Time I Pray is one of Malaysia's favorite worship songs written by Wah Lok and Yuen Woh.  This release is a follow up on his first album entitled   The Music Maker, released in 2004.

William Kok is an accomplished guitarist, gifted with the ability to play a complete musical arrangement all on one guitar. He has an ability to juggle the bass, melody, rhythm, harmony and other guitar techniques to create an illusion that there is more than one guitarist playing. In year 2004, he won an award in the Malaysian Christian Music festival for his unique guitar solo with the winning song Amazing Grace. his calling and vision is to produce praise and worship songs with guitar solos and train others to discover the musical expressions of a guitar. William serves as a guitarist in his home church Aglow Assembly for the last 10 years and frequently conducts guitar workshops as well as performs publicly with his guitar.

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  Joanne Yeoh – Pulse of a Metropolis

Joanne Yeoh: Pulse of a Metropolis, is Joanne’s  debut violin solo  album comprising of  nine English songs and one Malay song. The English  tracks include New World, Silk Roa, Revelation 1618, Valley of the Kings, I remember, Yuan’s theme, IslandParadise and Villa. The Malay song is entitled Jauh-Jauh.

In year 2004, Joanne  was selected as the honoree for "The Outstanding Young Malaysian Award (2004)", for the category of "Personal Improvement and Accomplishment".

Joanne also had the privilege to perform alongside Hong Kong superstar Jacky Cheung in his Music Odyssey Tour 2002/03 covering over 40 concerts around the world. Her tour with Jacky Cheung included performances in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, Brunei, USA, UK and Canada.

In 2003, Joanne was once again selected to perform with Taiwanese heart-throb David Tao in his Soul Power Tour 2003 touring Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

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