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  Malaysian Praise 2010
  You are always Good - Actsperiment 3 ( Acts Church )

“You Are Always Good” is a special-edition compilation album produced by Acts Church consisting of 12 tracks written in-house even right from the heart of Senior Minister, Rev. Kenneth Chin himself. These songs testify of God's faithfulness as Acts Church embarked on her faith-filled journey towards the building of her new home, the Dream Village.


1. It’s your name
2. Never Changing
3. Life you higher
4. You’re the one.
5. Message excerpt by Kenneth Chin.
6. Always good
7. Jesus it’s you.
8. I believe.
9. Yesus, kupercaya
10. Have your way.
11. Name above all names
12. Did you know.


  Songs of Ascents (Psalms 120-134) - Esther Mui

Review by : Ng Wah Lok 

Songs of Ascents, by Esther Muiis a collection of 15 Psalms set to music word for word from the Holy Scripture. In her own words, Esther says, “From the start of the first psalm I worked on (which was Psalm 130) to the completion of the last one (Psalm 133), I have not ceased to be amazed, for the Lord has given me melody after melody to fit His Words. I believe this is because we, the church of Jesus Christ, are entering into a season when these psalms will become more and more relevant, as we look forward to our Lord’s return” 

This is a very rare album of Scripture put into melody, word for word. The songs carry an amazing “anointing” which is rarely seen in many Christian albums. Esther recorded the songs at her home studio, retained simplicity in her arrangements and was able to capture her intimacy with God. Listening to the album is hearing Scripture in the presence of God, and in itself a worship experience. Ps 120, 123,126,129, 130 and 132 are all outstanding worship songs. Personally, Ps 126 is the most impactful. However, different people will find different Psalms ministering to them more as that will depend on the circumstances and needs of the listener at that point of time. 

Esther is an accomplished pianist and worship leader who has written more than 70 songs over a period of 24 years. She founded Malaysian Christian Songwriter’s Network in 2006. She has released 2 other digital albums, Untuk Mu and In His Arms of Love. Amazingly she remains a full time homemaker and mother of 2 teenagers. 

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Esther Other Albums: Untuk Mu and In His Arms of Love 
You – Full Gospel Church, Johor Bahru (FGCJB) You – Full Gospel Church, Johor Bahru (FGCJB)





G-Day - God's day in this nation! This album contains 10 songs written by Malaysian songwriters with the theme centered around prayer and revival. The album was released by Oops Asia and High Praise in partnership with GDOP 2010, Malaysia (Global Day of Prayer) Malaysia Committee (affiliated to Prayer Commission, NECF Malaysia). Below are the 10 songs and singers.
01 We Declare - Patrick Leong
02 Kasih - Julia Pong (song written by Esther Mui)
03 In One Moment - Karine Loo
04 I Offer My Heart To You - Joanne Loh
05 Show Me - Matthew Dass (Infuse)
06 Jesus You Are - Gabby Tham
07 Relent - Josh Yeoh
08 Father We Ask - Alvin Tan & Patrick Leong
09 Let This Be The Day - Anson Ong
10 Satu Doa - Patrick Leong
The GDOP event took place at Stadium Malawati on May 23rd 2010 and can be considered as one of the largest ever prayer meetings in the country. Approximately 10,000 people attended this event.


  Make Me Strong - Aris Siew



Released in 2010, Make Me Strong is Aris Siew's third album. The album consists of 10 inspiring songs written by Aris and other local distinguished talents. Aris’ own songs were birthed during his intimate devotion in God's presence. The title track 'Make Me Strong' is backed by an Afro Asian choir and drums played by leading gospel drummer Kok Yen. The ever popular song 'Every Time I Pray' is accompanied by nylon and steel string guitars, an African choir and orchestral arrangement. It starts off as an intimate prayer song and ends on a high majestic note that is befitting of El Shaddai! 'Everytime I Pray' is written by Ng Wah Lok and Voon Yuen Woh in 1981. For those who like vocalizing positive statements, there is a rap ballad in 'In Christ Is Hid'. This album will inspire you to inner peace, strength and purpose in God. Vincent Chin's melodious saxophone can be heard in 'Leaning On You'.

All songs are arranged and produced by Timothy Lee and recorded at Studio 2105. Mixing was done by JD. Mastering was done in US by mastering engineer Bob Olhsson. David Gary (of Altered Frequency) arranged for 'The Spirit' and 'Most Of All'. James Yee (Chenaniah Studios) arranged and produced 'I Need You', a song written by Lourdes Dass.

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  Worship Forever - SAND


SAND (Saved for A New Destiny) latest release “Worship Forever” marks a major breakthrough as they brought together an international team of producers, singers, musicians, engineers from Kingsway Music UK and CN production USA to collaborate in its production. The album was birthed after months of waiting upon the Lord. The producer’s goal was to draw the listeners into a deeper worship experience with God.

The key worship song in the album, Holy Spirit Come is powerfully “anointed”. You will find yourself humming the melody rather quickly. My Heart Your Throne is another good congregational worship song. In This Land epitomizes the heartfelt passion and dedication of a teenager who loves his home country enough to say “In this land I will stay…In this land I will serve…This is where I’ll pour out my love…”. The title track Worship Forever brings you to a place of surrender and quiet trust in God, enabling you to break out in a song of worship even through the storms of life. Trust and Obey and My Redeemer Lives bring a modern touch to older hymns. The last song in the album Saved for a New Destiny has a driving rhythm and gets you all geared up to impact & transform the world.

This album is indeed a breakthrough into the international scene for SAND and should not be missed.

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