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Impressions comprises of a group of Christians from different churches and denominations who have come together with a vision to proclaim the gospel through creative arts: music, mime, song and dance. As early as 1978, Impressions were founded when a group of young people from Malaysia Youth For Christ (YFC) pooled their talents and resources together to form a music team. The team sang and performed at school and college YFC clubs, rallies and churches.

Legacy is a collection of their original songs performed by members of the band. Lead vocals were performed by John Tan, Ritchie Tay, Juwita Suwito , Loretta Chin, Carol Anita Nair and James Yee. The album was produced by James Yee, Steve Leong and Ritchie Tay.

The album Legacy is a reflection of the legacy of the band over the last 24 years.

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