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  Malaysian Praise 2004
Brand New World – Juwita Suwito


Once is a while, a voice surfaces to capture hearts. If there is such a voice from Malaysia, I would say it must be from Juwita. Born in Melaka, of Indonesian-Singaporean descent, Juwita has been in music all her life. From winning her Performance Certificate at age 15, to singing back up for Sheila Majid and Ning Baizura or solo performances in Australia, Planet Hollywood or Colors of the Rainbow, music naturally flows from her soul.

Brand New World is Juwita’s first solo album. One may be wondering why it took so long for someone to discover this beautiful voice. Perhaps, they have saved the best for last. Juwita wrote 5 songs in this album herself. One of her own outstanding songs, You in me is a beautiful ballad. Juwita rendered this song with such emotion and precision, it will certain touch the hearts of the listener. Another beautiful song is Part of a fool written by a Taiwanese song writer. SMS is modern and catchy song. In the last track, Benediction, Juwita displays her extraordinary vocal ability. The lead vocals and harmony of Benediction are beautifully executed.

The album is produced by Juwita’s brother Aubrey Suwito who himself is a sought after music producer . Aubrey has selected fine musicians like Steve Thornton, Andy Peterson, Jamie Wilson and Lewis Pragasam to play for this album.

This is certainly an album you want to add to your collection.

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Drunk Before Dawn, The Musical
by SIB (Sidang Injil Borneo) KL
  In the early 1900s, Borneo was a mysterious land, a huge island in the South China Sea alive with stories of wild men, headhunters and the White Rajahs. It was against this backdrop that the story of SIB began, and Drunk before Dawn, The Musical was set.

Drunk before Dawn, The Musical is a showcase of young Malaysian talents, with composers, orchestrator, playwright and lyricists all under 25. Featuring an entire cast and live orchestra of over 80 people from all walks of life, from as young as 7 to 60 years old, from mummy's boys to managing directors of multi-national firms, the musical was staged to standing ovations at four performances in PJ Civic Centre from 9 th - 11 th December 2004 to over 4000 people.

But more than a glamorous display of vocal, musical talents, drama prowess and special effects, the musical was a celebration of the fortitude of Christian brotherhood. Nothing pleases God more than an army of his, moving constantly in a unified direction, fulfilling their destiny and his purpose. Drunk Before Dawn was a testimony to that, to SIB's resilience as an effective army that resonates God's grace and mercies.
From the time the composers, orchestrator and lyricists from SIB KL sat down to compose the 14 awe-inspiring song and music, to the cast who willingly gave their time for the cause by surrendering 4 months of their lives to rehearse 5 times a week, and the resilience of the producer, directors and departmental heads in herding such a large group of people into a singular focus – it could only be God.

And God has transformed their wonderful sacrifices into lives touched.

Today, SIB has gone beyond the shores of Borneo. In just under 10 years, SIB now has 35 churches in Peninsular Malaysia. SIB KL is the sole English-speaking congregation with a singular mission to be Seekers of God, Inspired to Serve, Building People.

On 5th December 2004, SIB KL celebrated its 10 th Anniversary in Peninsular Malaysia by hosting a grand dinner for 2000 people at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. The senior pastor, Dr Chew Weng Chee challenged those present to press on and take the next decade with a renewed passion. The highlight of the night was when the musical Drunk before Dawn, was staged In Concert to a standing ovation of 2000 people.

Indeed, Drunk Before Dawn which will inevitably put Malaysia on the world map of musicals, is all set to influence the nations, impacting generations.


Chen Sing - Songwriter/Assistant Professor

It is extremely rare to find a song writer who is also an Assistant Professor of a University. Well, Chen Sing is such a rare discovery. This song writer has a great passion for music, and plays the piano, guitar, and harp. She has written hundreds of songs and produced several of her own albums. Some of her works had been awarded best music by the World Chinese Gospel Music Songwriting Contest.

While staying in the United States, she was involved in planting the Immanuel Chinese Church where she was actively involved in worship leading, evangelism and discipleship training. After graduating with a doctorate, she continued with her theological training at Chicago Trinity Evangelical Seminary.

In year 2000, she became Music Director of All the Earth Music Ministry, and produced several albums such as Sing to the Lord, Are You Willing? and Worship the Lord.

Chen Sing has a voice that moves hearts. She captures the emotions of the songs very well, especially with a live audience. She has sung in Asian churches in Chicago, New York, Indiana, New Orleans, Oklahoma, and Arkansas and also conducted numerous worship seminars and revival meetings.

She has since returned to Malaysia and works as Assistant Professor in a local University. She hopes to build a new chapter in Chinese Gospel music in Asia and continue to share the love of Jesus with the music God has given her.


After releasing her first SAND album (SAND means Saved for A New Destiny) in June 2002, Lucy L has now released her second SAND album entitled DREAMS on Sept 12, 2004 under her own recording label Masterpiece Music. Originating from Penang, Lucy has again gathered a team of young musicians and singers from several churches to do this recording.
In the title track DREAMS ,Lucy brings a message that we must all dare to dream the impossible dream especially if our dreams are given by God. The song I BELIEVE is probably the best song in the album. It is a great worship song and arranged with some very interesting ethnic music. It has a very creative arrangement and will surely catch the listener by surprise. Lucy has also used some songs by other writers namely Daniel and Raymond. Daniel wrote and sung lead vocals for the song TURNING AROUND. This song has excellent guitar work and will have an instant appeal with the youth. Others who performed lead vocals were Jessica, Vallery and Celine.


All the songs were recorded in HITS Recording Studio in Penang except Dreams and I Believe which were recorded at Sonique Productions by upcoming Music Producer Nick Lee who recently returned from the United States. All the songs were mastered at Sonique Studio by Nick Lee himself. Make sure you do not miss out on this exciting youth album.


Lucy L is presently the music director of Georgetown Baptist Church. She also serves in the Youth Ministry in her church.


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I Thank You Lord – Meechang Tuie

Meechang is a songwriter from Sarawak who has written more than 40 songs. In the album I Thank You Lord, he shares some of his most precious songs birthed at a time of personal tragedy in his life. In 1998, he lost 3 of his children. During this tragedy, he wrote the song By Your Stripes sharing about his inner healing from God. The title track I Thank You Lord reflects his eternal gratitude to Jesus for all the things that happened in his life. In his own words Meechang says, “I loved my children very much but He loved them even more”. Other interesting songs in the album are Simon Peter and Jesus I love your name. It is amazing that in the midst of great sorrow, Meechang has reached down deep into his heart to write some passionate songs about his walk with God and how tragedy has not dampened his love and passion for God.

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Destiny – New Life Restoration Centre Shah Alam
  Destiny captures the heart, soul and the warmth of God's love in the lives of the songwriters and worship team of New Life. Lourdes Dass wrote 9 songs in the album and Joshua Lee the other 2 songs. Both Lourdes and Joshua are pastors/leaders of the church. The title track Destiny is a beautiful and anointed song. Lourdes shares about how God calls us from prison, chains, bondage and fear into his perfect destiny. Holy Spirit You comfort me is another good worship song. In his song Going Home, Joshua Lee shares about saying goodbye to his friends at Waverley, Australia. Incidentally, the leaders of the New Life churches are all from Waverley, Australia. Most of them were students in Australia in the early 80's when God called them to return back to Malaysia to plant churches. Lead vocals in this album were performed by Lourdes, Joshua, Phebe Tham and Patrick Lai. Charles Oh did much of the arrangement and recording for this album.


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One With You – Khor Hoe Chai
  One With You is a collection of 10 worship songs written by Pastor Khor Hoe Chai. Many of these songs were born out of his prayer time with God. his title track One With You reflects his main message in this album that God desires his people to be one with Him. Pastor Khor sang lead vocals for all of the songs except for In You Lord I put my trust which was sung by Esther Rebano. David Rebano helped produce this album.

Pastor Khor worked as an Architect for 14 years before becoming a full time pastor in 1999. He pastors The Hope of Glory Centre which was founded in 1994. The songs in this album reflect his deep love and passion for God

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