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Edmund Smith


Edmund Smith- Artiste with a difference

He is fondly known as “Ed” and is widely known as an artiste with a difference because of his passion for the so-called less fortunate and misunderstood community. Ed has served in programs for the illiterate, the mentally disable, the hearing impaired, people with AIDS and the homosexual community, using his talents to reach out to those people whom he loves.

Ed sings, acts and dances professionally. He started performing professionally at a tender age of 13 (1983). He started of as a dancer when he was only 5 years old. In 1987, Ed was the champion in the Melaka state level singing competition. Ed's first manager spotted him in 1989 while jamming at a pub. That was the beginning of Ed's career as a singer in pubs, lounges and hotels.

Ed went on to study creative arts and graduated in Community Services from Christchurch Educational College, New Zealand. He also graduated in Vocals from the School of Creative Arts, City Harvest, Singapore.

While living in Singapore from 1997 to 2002, Ed acted in the movie Chicken Rice War and in the much-loved Musical Drama Mid Autumn's Love. He also played a dancing role in a popular comedy musical entitled “Ka-ra-o-ke”. Ed's talents had brought him as far as Hong Kong , Macao , South Africa and many other places.

In 2005, Ed released his debut album Wake up with 11 of his original songs. His songs are about his life, faith and matters of the heart.

Besides performing, his other passion is Community Work. Inspired by his home-church “The Salvation Army”, Ed tgether with his wife Amanda are the founders and directors of RLM Management; a non-profitable Christian organization that has been reaching out the less fortunate community since 1999. He has touched and changed the lives of many; such as the illiterate, the mentally disabled, the hearing impaired, victims of AIDS and the gay & lesbian community.

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