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  Army of Three
Army of Three is one of the freshest bands to come out of the Klang Valley. The band consists of Jeff on lead vocals and guitars, Alex on guitars and backing vocals, Eddy on the drums and Darren on bass and backing vocals. Army of Three is a band about the Power of Trinity, which represents the band’s faith and background.

Just formed in early 2005, the band members crossed each other’s path through a church event. Since then, the band has come a long way, playing at various local events. From Levis Battle of the Bands, which kick-started their career when they came in Second place to being invited to play at Digi’s Anniversary Concert in Mont Kiara. The band also performed with other popular local acts in support of World Peace at last year’s World Peace Concert in Times Square. Army of Three also took part in the annual Fete de la Musique, an international affair, drawing musicians out into the streets of cities around the world to perform, which took place last year in One Utama, Bandar Utama; Sunday at Bukit Bintang, Low Yat Plaza and Berjaya Times Square.

At last year’s first Malaysia Revival Songwriting Competition, the band played as the house band on behalf of Starmaker for the artists taking part in the competition. Soon after the concert, Starmaker decided to sign up the band in their first venture as a new recording label. Aside from major events, Army of Three also plays at smaller events and church concerts, with their mission in making a difference and bringing influence especially among the youth of Malaysia.

Army of Three is making waves and gaining popularity wherever they make their appearances with very individualistic musical style. Their music which bends towards Rock is drawing excitement, attention and even controversies, with questions raised concerning how Rock themed inspirational music can fit into our conservative society. None the less, Army of Three has a mission in the music they write, not compromising to the standards of the world, but doing what they know they are called to do, which is reaching the world with their music about hope, faith, peace and love, bringing a positive message to the youth that are in a stage of seeking their identity. Musically, the band is still working hard to develop their music and their skills. They are currently already working on the debut album, with their first demo single, “Blind Me to See” already released from the studio. The band is eager to share their music to the world and in the process, develop their growing fan base and create a new history in Malaysian music. The band plans to establish themselves amongst the best in local music and to bring their music further beyond Malaysia. They are hoping to get the local media support such as the radio and TV stations to push them to greater heights.

With a blend of positive, inspiring lyrics, and fresh, vibrant, cutting edge rock music combined with explosive live performances, the band is striving to make a difference and influence the youth in the right way.