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 Esther Mui

Esther Mui (Profile)

Accomplished pianist and songwriter, Esther Mui, has written more than 70 songs over a period of 23 years. Most of her songs were written while she served in the worship team at Sungei-Way Subang Methodist Church for 17 years. She served as Music Director for 14 years.  A daughter of a Methodist Pastor, Esther’s songs flow from her close walk with God. One can sense the anointing in her life just listening to her songs. Among her best worship songs include “Mary’s song”, “I Need You”, “Lord Have Mercy”, “Di Saat Ini”, “In Brokenness”, and “Lord, Move in the Place”. She has also composed fast and jazzy songs like “Kasih”, “Untuk Mu”, “Jehovah”, “You are the Reason”, “Dengan Sepenuh Hatiku” and others. The song “I Need You” was written when she was just 18 years old. Esther recently signed with Oops! Asia and some of her best songs will be released under that recording label in 2008. You can sample some of her songs at .

In 2006, she established one of Malaysia’s top worship website (Malaysian Christian Songwriter’s Network). This website features Christian Songwriters in Malaysia and serves as a resource centre to help songwriters. The website made a significant impact in Malaysia.

Esther, a Life Science graduate and a mother of 2, left her career to be a full time homemaker in 1994. It is amazing that this homemaker has made such an important contribution to Malaysian Christian Music. Esther presently worships at Elim House Church.