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  Follow the Light ( Original Malaysian Musical)
Music: Nick Choo
Directed by; Colin Kirton

Follow The Light is a contemporary version of the Christmas story, told in a non-preachy, non-evangelistic fashion so as to cater to audiences of all ages, races and creeds, and conveyed through songs that range from rock and pop to jazz, blues and emotive ballad. The music, lyrics and musical direction are by Nick Choo with Colin Kirton serving as Director. The musical features a multitalented and diverse cast including Juwita Suwito, Aaron Khaled, Zalina Lee, Tony Leo Selvaraj, Suzan Manen and Liang, as well as a six-piece live band. Follow The Light, ran in PJ Live Arts Centre from 2-19 Dec 2010.

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"The strength of the script lays in the struggles of Mary (Juwita Suwito) and Joe (Aaron Khaled), with having an unexpected baby. How it affects them as a couple is also explored, as well as their individual struggles. It is very real, and you feel for them and empathise with their confusion, frustration and anger."

"The music and singing is what you remember most and take with you. The sheer variety and number of songs, from gospel and ballad to rock and rap, keeps you riveted. There are touching solos and lovely duets, intricate harmonies and soaring choruses, which make for a musical that is never boring. And the singing was pretty much faultless."

"... a delight... incredible musical numbers"

"The talented cast ... delivered commendable performances, shining on group numbers such as Bethlehem and Three Gifts."

"Highlights of the show were [Juwita] Suwito’s beautiful, tear-jerking renditions of Be It Unto Me and Beautiful Child, as well as Follow The Light, a delightfully catchy tune that will stick in your head long after the musical is over."

"...just the thing to watch to inject some cheer as the Christmas season approaches."

"Professional singer Suwito shines as Mary in the production - her maiden effort in musical theatre - as it is with [Aaron] Khaled, who plays a dim-witted yet lovable Joe with zest. Their combined voices are mesmerising while their acting is authentic."

"The stars of the show, though, are the highly entertaining songs and lyrics, including Follow The Light and Something Big, created by Choo and brought to life by the performers, Kir¬ton and the band."

"Most songs are fun and memorable and the characters are a riot. Don't expect the traditional characters from the Bible - these ones are unconventional and uproari¬ous."