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Cathryn Loh, worship pastor

love for the performing arts started at age 3, when she first went on stage to sing ‘O Christmas Tree'. Then, she played the organ for church at 13 and has never looked back.

Growing up, her call to the arts has intensified as she feels that God constantly inspires her with fresh visions and ideas. Her dream now is to rally a team of like-minded people in the area of music, dance, drama as well as media and inspire them to excel in their service to God. This led her to co-found 1 a.m. back in 2002.

Intertwined with her love for arts, is her passion to see young people live life purposefully. She is the Director of Campus Friends Bhd, a company that organizes programs to develop youths. She constantly challenges young people to maximize their God-given potential, so that they will not merely exist for temporal pleasures.

She also attended PTCM (Pastoral Training Center Malaysia) in 2000 and was asked to teach the Worship module the following years. From there, it led to various engagements to conduct worship seminars and concerts.

Besides concerts, musicals and movies, Cathryn loves handicrafts and being up to date with fashion. She enjoys discovering new things through window shopping and traveling. But top on her list is getting to know people so that she can add to their lives and spur them unto greatness.

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