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  Malaysian Praise 2013
  Songs of Mercy – Esther Mui

Feature by Esther and Rebekah Mui
Within the recesses of the Ark of the Covenant, the Ten Commandments written on stone were placed at God's command, and above the tablets of law, covering the Ark, sat the mercy seat upon which the High Priest would sprinkle the blood of the sacrificial lamb on the Day of Atonement. Mercy triumphed and yet triumphs over judgment for those who show mercy (James 2:13, Matthew 5:7) Mercy is a blessed providence of the God who is merciful (Psalms 103:8), gracious, and full of compassion (Psalm 111:2-10). God's principle is, "forgive and be forgiven", "be merciful and obtain mercy", and he especially desires mercy far more than sacrifice (Hosea 6:1-6). A disciple of Jesus Christ constantly releases offenses and forgives wrongs. Such behavior is antithetical in the individualist, self-propelling, world of today.

The mercy of God is for those who fear Him (Psa 103:17). God does not relent of His character or moral standards, but He can certainly relent from executing judgment when He finds those who will seek His mercy. The fear of the LORD is much lacking today, even though Christ taught it to His disciples (Luke 12:5).  The fear ( ??? (yârê')) of the LORD is to morally revere or to stand in awe of His glorious majesty. That results seeking His mercy at all times and prizing His grace. The fear of the LORD will lead us to cry out to Him not on the account of our righteousness but His great mercy for Him to hear and forgive, listen and act (Daniel 9:16-19). For the LORD delights in showing mercy and will be the One to cast our sins into the depths of the sea (Micah 7:18-20). And we cry out to God for blessing and mercy (Psalm 85) so that His way and salvation may be proclaimed  in all the earth and to all nations (Psalm 67).

In contending earnestly for our faith, we are encouraged to build ourselves up in our most holy faith, to continually pray in the Holy Spirit, keep ourselves in the love of God, and look to the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.  In this stature He will preserve us as His Holy Body till the great and awesome day of His coming. Praise the Lord (Isaiah 12 & Psalms 149)!
01 Psalm 111:2-10 Holy and Awesome is His Name
02 Psalm 16:5-11 At Your Right Hand are Pleasures Forevermore
03 Micah 7:18-20 Who is a God Like You?
04 Hosea 6:1-6 Come, and Let Us Return to the Lord
05 Psalm 43:3-5 To God, My Exceeding Joy
06 Daniel 9:16-19 O Lord, Hear! O Lord, Forgive! O Lord, Listen and Act!
07 Psalm 85 Restore Us, O God of Our Salvation
08 Psalm 67 God Be Merciful to Us
09 Romans 12:1-2 A Living Sacrifice
10 Isaiah 12 Great is the Holy One of Israel
11 Psalm 149 He will Beautify the Humble with Salvation
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  KASIH – MGM (Malaysian Gospel Music)

KASIH is a compilation of 14 original Malaysian worship songs, with 9 Bahasa Malaysia and 5 English songs. This is MGM’s second album following the very successful English debut album ADORE. The goal for KASIH was to be a primarily Bahasa Malaysia album to encourage our BM speaking Christians to use our own local songs. The MGM team literally searched more than 100 released albums and the internet for suitable songs. Patrick Leong coordinated the overall production of the album. 4 songs are new recordings, namely Bapa Ku, Your Majesty, Terima Kasih Jesus and Bapa Kau Baik. The other 11 songs were sourced from other existing Malaysian albums. The album was launched at MGM Kuching on 17 August 2013 with 1000 people attending the concert at Blessed Church, Kuching. KASIH is an outstanding compilation album and many good reviews have already been given by listeners.


1. Yang Mulia - Patrick Leong & Juwita Suwito ( DOA Malaysia)
2. Satu Suara - Benedict Weeransena ( SAND - Milestone)
3. Bapa Ku - Debra Robert
4. Your Majesty – Daniel Leong
5. The Bridegroom King – Josh Yeoh (In That Day)
6. KasihMu – Thomas Sugara (JUBILEE warisan Bangsa)
7. Bapa Kau Baik – Daniel Luhat Wan
8. Lord, Hear Our Prayer – SAND (Only One Lifetime)
9. Kasih – Alfonso Alphnouses
10 Terima Kasih Yesus – Elena Koshy
11 Precious Jesus – Aris Siew (Make Me Strong)
12 Bapa Ku – Resonate ((Saviour Friend )
13 Kasih Yang Terindah - Bersama My Tuhan
14 Kuasa Untuk Menguasai ( SUKACITA BESAR)



  Harp and Bowl Worship I: Wait on you, Lord Jesus Released 2013 – Chen Sing

A reporter once asks Dr. Yap Chen Sing, “Who are you in the Lord?”, and without hesitation, she answered, “I am a worshipper". Since that time, Dr. Yap Chen Sing has always desired to release a team worship album. The release of “Harp and Bowl Worship I: Wait on you, Lord Jesus” fulfills that dream.

This album displays the combination of worship and prayer. It begins with a powerful live version of “May your kingdom come". Then, it breaks into free style singing and prayer. The highlight of the album is an anointed song "Worthy is His name" written by Chen Sing. This is a wonderful anthem which lifts up the name of Jesus Christ. All songs are written by Chen Sing and her producer South Yeak.

The album was first launch in Genting Highlands “24 hours Harp and Worship Asian Conference”. When Chen Sing and her worship team shared the songs in live worship, many were literally stir and moved to tears. If you love harp and bowl worship, “Harp and Bowl Worship I: Wait on you, Lord Jesus” is an album you will want to include in your collection.

Album Highlights: “Wait on you, Lord Jesus ", and "Worthy in His name”

Song titles:
01 Lets all the Earth Worship Him – Live Prelude
02 May Your kingdom come
03 You are the living Flame
04 Upon Jesus: a prayer
05 Wait on you, Lord Jesus
06 With all heart: a prayer
07 Believing Jesus you are near
08 Worthy in His Name
09 Calvary : Finale
10 Harp and Bowl worship


  Music Of My Heart – Swee See

Music Of My Heart is a devotion and worship album, comprising 10 songs written and sung by Swee See. The album is titled “Music Of MY Heart” - “MY” as in God’s heart because her lyrics were inspired from the Word of God. Swee See’s songs reflect her journey with God. Longing for You was written in one of her darkest moments in her life. Rise up was written when she was reading Isaiah 52 in her devotional time. Similarly, Rock of My Salvation was inspired from Ps 71 and Devotion from Psalm 86. Most of her songs come to her when she is spending time with God. Her desire is to see her music draw people closer to God. She makes a special dedication of this album to her late nephew Gerald Tan.

The album was produced by Nick Lee at the Ark Studios, Kuala Lumpur. The 10 songs have a varied arrangement from pop, acoustic, country & western to string orchestration.
Tracks :
1. Rise up
2. I adore you
3. Longing for You
4. You are Jesus, my Messiah
5. I love You Lord
6. Rock of my salvation
7. You are worthy
8. Devotion
9. Glorious
10. Unto the Lord

Recording Engineer: Ben Tio and Nick Lee
Back-up Vocals - Amy Yeoh
Drums - Rudy Frank and Martin Ngim
Bass and Guitars - Nick Lee
Piano - Shen
Keyboards, Organ and Synths - Steve Leong
String Orchestration - Fung Chern Hwei
- String Orchestra -
Fung Chern Hwei, Nasran Nawi, Tan Ka Ming, 
Lau Yew Hann and Lim Jae Sern

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