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Jonathan Tse


Jonathan Tse

Jonathan Tse is a youth pastor in a local church called Faith Christian Centre located in Bandar Sunway. Hailing from the Federal Territory of Labuan, he graduated from Inti College Subang Jaya with a BSc. in Computer Science in April 2004.

In December 2005, he released his debut album Purpose  with 10 of his original songs.  The musical content of the album  varies from contemporary pop music to jazz, and is arranged in a very casual and light mannered tone. Purpose is aimed to reach out to an audience that is primarily young and energetic college students. Its lyrics touch on topics regarding life from the perspective of a young college graduate, trying to find his purpose in life. Most of the issues engaged in his songs are inspired by Jonathan’s own life experiences, capturing the ebb and flow of a young man caught in the hustle-bustle of metropolitan life. The tracks in the album include So beautiful, Supernatural, Season without love, Purpose, Formality, Change, Shape my life, All for me, My everything  and Showtime.

As an independent musician, he  financed the entire project on  his own, with help from his  friends and family.  The release of this album itself is a testimony of his passion and vision.

Jonathan  musical talents have been honed since the tender age of five when he first enrolled into a music school to learn the organ. Since then, he discovered his love for music and he started playing the bass guitar in his church in Labuan six years later.

Jonathan is currently pursuing his theological studies in Malaysian Bible Seminary.

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