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  PG165- Let it All Out

( Review by Esther Mui – used by permission )

PG165 is a Christian rock band that hails from Melaka. The band was formed in 2004 when five MMU students from different backgrounds came together for the event "Battle of the Bands". Since then it has been a journey of no return for the 5. The band comprises of Jason Teoh (on guitar and vocals), Justin Lee (on guitar and vocals), NZX (on bass), VJ ( on drums) and Deric Tan (on keyboards). 

The beauty in their diversity is reflected in their friendship and love for the music that they play and the songs that they sing. PG165 is a band whose passion and vision is to see lives challenged and touched through the experience of their music and songs. Playing high-energy music and providing an electrifying atmosphere is their trademark. 

PG165 recently released their debut EP Let it All Out . 






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