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My Father’s World – Brian Gan
  My Father’s World is an album of instrumental hymns on Solo Guitar by Brian Gan. Brian Gan, an accomplished guitarist from Penang produced the album and played solo guitar himself. Some of our favorite hymns like What A friend we have in Jesus, Yesterday today and forever, When I Survey the wondrous cross. Amazing Grace etc are recorded in this album. The solo guitar is played in a simple way and the familiar melody of the hymns do bring back very good memories of God’s faithfulness to us.



The Music Maker – William Kok

The Music Maker is William Kok's debut guitar solo album consisting of 10 tracks featuring sentimental and gospel music arranged and played with one guitar. You will hear familiar tunes like Segala Puji Syukur, As the Deer pants for the waters and White Christmas. The album is very soothing to listen to.

William Kok is an accomplished guitarist, gifted with the ability to play a complete musical arrangement all on one guitar. In his guitar solos. he juggles the bass, melody, rhythm, harmony to create an illusion that there is more than one guitarist playing. his musical journey started when he served as a voluntary teacher in the House of Joy for underprivileged children. God guided him to conduct music lessons, seminars and training for under privileged children. his calling and vision is to produce praise and worship songs with guitar solos and train others to discover the musical expressions of a guitar.

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  Sukacita Selalu – Ulek Kaulibut

Sukacita Selalu (Happy Always) is a Malay album by Ulek Kaulibut who is from the Kenyah race in Sarawak. This is a rare recording of Malay songs from someone from Sarawak.  The album contains 10 songs among which are Terpujilah nama mu, Sepintas angin lalu, Sembah Anak Raja and  Bangkitkan aku. The music is programmed by Stephen Liaw and arranged Bradley Matthew.

Ulek worships at SIB Church and works at Nestle Products in  Kuching.

Contact telephone : 016 7839903 
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Hymnsmen Evergreen

The Hymnsmen  is  an inter denominational group  whose members are from different churches.  The group is made up of people from different professions such as  Directors, Businessmen, Qualified Accountants, IT programmers , Financial controller, Traders, International Forwarders, Technicians,  Advertising Media Consultants. They have been performing in many churches across Malaysia.

Hymnsmen Evergreen their  collection of 13 beautiful hymns and traditional songs.  The songs are arranged in a traditional style with the main focus on vocals and harmony.  The group travels often to churches and special meetings to minister in  music. Among the songs in the album are Jesus use me, Give them all to Jesus, Let the fires of revival, Let the flame burn brighter, Because He lives, O Mighty Cross, My God is real.

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E mail:

A GIFT OF LOVE - A Collection of Christmas Songs

A GIFT OF LOVE is a collection of Christmas songs produced by Paul Augustin together with some of the top Christian musicians in Malaysia. Many of the traditional Christmas carols are rearranged to make them very artistic and contemporary. Aseana Percussion Unit produced 2 carols "What Child is this" and "Joy to the World". David Gomes produced the song "Away in a manger".

Aubrey Suwito produced his own composition "Believe in Him". This is a beautiful song sung by his sister Juwita Suwito. Allan Perera produced "Gift of love" which was written by Goh and Paul Augustin. The Solianos, Mark David and The Lohs also contributed songs for this album

This is a great Christmas album to keep as the songs are so well arranged, they will leave you pleasantly surprised.


THE SECRET PLACE – The Marshalls

This album by husband and wife team, Vani and Marshall Francis contains some favorite Gospel songs like “I'll never be the same” (Geoff Bullock), Let Your Spirit fall (Kent Henry), Power of Your love (Geoff Bullock), They could not (Ron Harris/Claire Clonninger).

JESUS – Wonderful Savior – The Marshalls

Vani and Marshall Francis are a husband and wife team actively involved in the music ministry for several years. Vani is gifted with a great and soothing voice which will surely capture your hearts. Marshall leads the worship team of the Gospel Lighthouse Church at Kuala Lumpur. This album contains some of our all time favorite Gospel songs like Via Dolorosa, He's alive (Don Francisco) and Holy and anointed one (John Bernett).

JENALA SENOI -Senoi fishers of man


Senoi is the indigenous people (Orang Asli) of Malaysia.

In 1930, Nupitopoloe, a Batak Lutheran missionary started one of the earliest missionary efforts to reach the Senoi in Tapah, Perak. The Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore (LCMS) assumed responsibility over this mission work in 1972. Through these years, the LCMS has learned that to effectively reach out to the Senoi, it is necessary to have their own people ministering to them.

Kampung Sekau, a Senoi settlement at the 7th mile Cameron Highlands, is now the pioneering project towards this end. Pas. Jensey Mojuin and his wife Pas. Reekha Malanjang are now ministering in Kampung Sekau settlement to about 130 Senoi Christians.

Objectives of the album

  • to raise funds to construct, furnish and equip a multi-purpose building in Kampung Sekau which will serve as a Church, a lay training education center, a library and a Kindergarten.

  • to offer scholarships for secondary school children and tertiary education to the Orang Asli children

  • To create a wider awareness of the ministry to the Orang Asli.


This album is a collection of Malay/Senoi songs sung by Senoi children. These are the worship songs often used by the Orang Asli during their services. For further information, please contact:-

Holy Light Lutheran Church
Tel : 60-3-90576664
E mail :

  Through The Rain
  Through The Rain
Silver Linings  Only In The Dark  The Sun Will Shine Again

A Compilation EP by Oops! Asia artists – Patrick Leong, Liang, Juwita Suwito & Altered Frequency

It all started a couple of days after the Asian Tsunami rocked the coasts of the Indian Ocean . Moved by the thousands of lives that were lost and millions more who were plunged into desperate circumstances, Patrick Leong penned the song ‘Through the Rain' with the following a message…

“For comfort and peace in this moment of grief
Look above, beyond the hills… there's a light you can find
In this moment of need, there's Someone who heals
To walk you through the rain with His loving embrace”

Patrick Leong had his first single, ‘Angel Tears' released by YTL after he opened Pavarotti's Concert in Pangkor Laut as a tribute to victims of the September 11 incident which occurred in 2001. In 2003, he wrote ‘Open Arms', for survivors of the Bali bomb blast. The song was recorded in his debut solo album, ‘For Your Love', released in June the same year.

This time, other label mates from Oops Asia decided to come alongside and contribute their own songs to what was to become the ‘Through The Rain' Compilation EP. The concept of a ‘hope-through-rough-times' themed EP had been conceived months ago, but it wasn't until now that the need became evident. Each of the artists had gone through their own difficult phases and had written songs in response to those dark nights, which they wanted to share with the world in her time of shock and anguish.

One of the songs came to be during a full moon, but a dark night nonetheless for singer-songwriter-rapper-(who also plays the keys) Liang , a relatively ‘new name' in the music industry. His lively personality, even as he describes himself as a person who's doin' what he loves doin' , may camouflage the deep-thinkin' side of the lad who so aptly wrote…

“Cos life without the pain renders joy of worthless gain cos we know not
how to appreciate having not experienced walking through the narrow lane.
If we rage against the flow, our fruits of labour time will show, we will grow…”

He fused his experience with his urban/r&b/hip-hop style of music while tinkering at the piano, taking in the calming effect of a nearby lake. The result was ‘Silver Linings' , a song about learning to look at the brighter side of things and pressing on in spite of the odds.

Another response to tough circumstances is simply to learn from it. Positive dependence, despite the barrage of messages exhorting us to be in dependent, was the magic pill discovered by Juwita Suwito . The vocal coach for Malaysian Idol, who is slowly but surely gaining recognition in the region as a versatile singer-songwriter, decided to contribute Track #2 from her recently released debut solo album ‘Brand New World'. “All too often we try to get on with life our own way. We try to get to our destination using our self-drawn roadmaps. And it isn't until we're in the dark that we almost reluctantly flail our arms about, and discover that a hand's been waiting there all this while to lead us through a better path,” says Juwita when talking about what inspired her to write ‘ Only In The dark' . She continues, “And imagine… that's the One who single-handedly created the universe… wouldn't He have a better view of things?” she chuckles.

Incidentally, it's the same hand that reaches down and wipes the tears away in 6-man band Altered Frequency 's catchy edgy-retro-rock tune, and says…

“Don't worry, trust in me, I can see
The Sun Will Shine Again
… you can smile again”.

This song adds a different dimension to the music in Altered Frequency's debut album ‘Exalt'. Hear it once and it will ring in your mind even hours later.

Singer-guitarist-songwriter Andy Yeoh relates his inspiration behind the song:

“Many years ago, I saw dark storm clouds covering the sky, and any light from the sun had been covered up by the mighty clouds, like a huge blanket over a lamp. The mood was dark and depressing… Then I began to see, after a while, it stopped raining, and the dark clouds beginning to part. And as they parted, the sky became brighter and brighter. Rays of light began to penetrate the clouds. Before long, the majestic sun came out in full glory, and illuminated the atmosphere. Light has returned. Hope… is alive!

I began to think about life and how we sometimes go through tough situations – like a storm that comes and floods your life with difficulties and problems. But although the storms are real and the pains are real, I realised the storm doesn't always last. Even the darkest of storms will pass. The rain will stop. The flood will subside. The clouds will part. The storm will end. And the sun will shine again.

There is hope. There is always hope if we believe. And just because the clouds have come, doesn't mean the sun has gone. It's still there. The sun still shines. We just don't see it because the clouds have blinded us. But we must know that it's still there. It's just a matter of time before we see the storm with its cloud give way. And the sun shines on our lives again.”

‘Through The Rain' is dedicated to all who bravely face each new day in anticipation of the silver linings. May you find the hope that will be to you ‘a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.'

- Oops Asia

All proceeds from the sales of this EP will go towards the rebuilding of communities
that were ravaged by the Asian Tsunami on 26 December 2004 .

The New Season contains original songs by Penang's prolific song writer KB Chan. The album was recorded in Chenaniah Studio and produced by James Yee and KB Chan.

Contact : KB Chan - Tel : 012-4839061 or E mail


This is a Malay language debut album of Momosik Praise. The songs are the creative product of the Praise and Worship team of Maranatha Church at Kampung Tomposik Inobong Panampang, Sabah, Malaysia. In the Kadazandusun language, the word "Momosik" means to rise up. This word is chosen because it reflects the purpose of the production of the album, that is to spur God's people to rise up to glorify and proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ. 

The album contains contemporary Malay songs with interesting arrangements. You will be quite surprised that indigenous Malaysian music has become quite modern too. Rachel and Mary Golingi wrote many of the songs in the album

  PUJIAN MEMOSIK 2 - Sediakan Jalan Bagi Tuhan

Pujian Memosik 2 is the second Malay Language album released by The Maranatha Church, Temposik. Led by their visionary Pastor Lam Kee Hing, they have endeavored to bring worship songs in the Malay Language to touch lives across the world. This second release is a testimony of their vision.

All the songs in the album are written and performed by their home grown talents. Their song writers Rachel Golingi, Mary Golingi, Geero and Julita wrote the songs for this album. Esther Golingi produced the album. Song arrangement and programming was done by Rosly Teo Jr.

The songs and arrangement are quite contemporary and will surely make an impact in your life as you listen to them.


Tel : 60-88-269714

  A CHRISTMAS GIFT- By various Malaysian Artistes

A Christmas Gift is an excellent collection of Christmas songs recorded by various Malaysian Artistes such as Francissca Peter, Solianos, Mark David, Double Take, Mia Palencia, Aseana Percussion Unit, Maria Angela, Andy Peterson etc. This album is the brain child of Paul Augustin. Traditional Christmas carols in the album are heavily jazzed and arranged in a very contemporary way. This album is very pleasant to listen to and is a follow up to their first Christmas album A gift of love. 

Some original Malaysian songs such as A Child was born today by Paul Augustin and Eye on the Lord by Mark David were performed in the album. You will be pleasantly surprised to hear the wonderful arrangements of Joy to the World, O Little Town of Bethlehem and O Come all ye faithful. The profits for this production will be given to charity. The album is available at MPH and Tower Records.

E mail: Paul Augustin

FRAGRANCE - Snah and Suze Uknong


Fragrace is the second album of indigenous Malaysian Music by 2 sisters, Snah and Suze Ukong. Some songs in the album are in the Malay language and others in a local dialect. Such recordings are very rare in Malaysia. The pictures above show some of their traditional costumes.

E mail:

  You are always Good - Actsperiment 3 (Acts Church)



“You Are Always Good” is a special-edition compilation album produced by Acts Church consisting of 12 tracks written in-house even right from the heart of Senior Minister, Rev. Kenneth Chin himself. These songs testify of God's faithfulness as Acts Church embarked on her faith-filled journey towards the building of her new home, the Dream Village.

1. It’s your name
2. Never Changing
3. Life you higher
4. You’re the one.
5. Message excerpt by Kenneth Chin.
6. Always good
7. Jesus it’s you.
8. I believe.
9. Yesus, kupercaya
10. Have your way.
11. Name above all names
12. Did you know.



  You – Full Gospel Church, Johor Bahru (FGCJB)
  You – Full Gospel Church, Johor Bahru (FGCJB)

Following the release of their debut album 'CSI', the Youth in FGCJB have returned to release their second album “You”. This album is self produced and all the songs were written by their own worship team. In particular, TCTT wrote quite a few songs in the album. The album consists of 10 English and 4 mandarin songs and recorded in a “live” setting. The songs are contemporary in nature and a mix of fast praise and slow worship songs. The musicians execute their instruments skillfully. “You are my peace” is an excellent worship song and probably the best song in the album.

This album is entitled 'YOU' as a declaration to God that, 'YOU are our focus'. In return, you will hear him say, 'You are my focus'. As you listen, open your heart and ears to Him. When you tell Him 'YOU are my God,' you will hear Him say to you 'You are my child’.

a) Producers: Boon Fei, Angela, TCTT, Cornelius, Victor Tan
b) Music arrangement and advisors: Koon and Lynn
c) Piano: Samuel Goh
d) Keyboards: Karl Chin, Denise Ong
e) Guitars: Peter Ng, Flex, Cornelius,
f) Bass : Koon
g) Drums : Victor Tan
h) Worship Leaders: Boon Fei, Angela, Aaron, TCTT

Contact: Pastor Gideon Tiang Chung Wah or Pastor Kong Boon Fei
Tel: 07-354 0548
Official Album Website:


  Untuk Mu - By Esther Mui

Esther Mui is an accomplished pianist who has written more than 70 songs over a period of 24 years. She is also the founder of Malaysian Christian Songwriter’s Network ( Untuk Mu is a collection of her home-recorded demo tracks of some of her best songs. Some of the songs were written for specific church events, one being a presentation of the Christmas Story in Bahasa Malaysia. Two of the songs from that presentation have been included in this collection: "UntukMu" and "Buka Hatimu". Both are light jazz in feel with "UntukMu" having a traditional ethnic touch. The lyrics of both these songs were written by Heather Liew, and are evangelistic in nature. The other Malay songs in this collection are "Kasih", "Dengan Sepenuh Hatiku", and "Di Saat Ini". "Kasih" is also traditional-jazzy in feel, while "Dengan Sepenuh Hatiku" is a simple praise song with an acoustic feel. "Di Saat Ini" is a simple worship song, and will be included in AION Music's 2nd Worship Compilation Album, due to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

The English tracks in this collection are mostly intimate worship songs with the exception of "Jehovah" and "You are the Reason" which are fast and catchy praise songs. Just listening to the demos, one can sense the anointing on these worship songs. Among the best are "Mary's song", "I Need You", "Lord Have Mercy, "In Brokenness", "All That I Have" and "Lord, Move in this Place". All of these songs are suitable for use in worship. "Jehovah" is a powerful declaration song of the names of Jehovah.

Incredibly, Esther, a mother of 2 children, arranged and recorded these demos herself in her own home. Some of these songs will also be included in Oops! Asia's Worship Compilation Album, due to be released in October 2008.

E mail Esther Mui at :
Website :
Listen to songs :


Because of Love – Piano Pieces by Lucy L and Raymond Tan


"Because of Love” is a song book series for the piano. The songs are composed by Malaysian songwriters Lucy L and Raymond Tan. The song book title “Because of love” is the hit song by Lucy L in SAND debut album. This album caught the attention of Christopher Norton and with his help and musical arrangement, the first book was published in 2006. One of the songs “Only You” was chosen as an exam piece for ANSCAR 2007 exam syllabus in Australia. In August 2007, two more books were published under the same series. Recently 26 pieces have been chosen by St Cecilia School of music in Australia as their exam pieces from 2008 onwards.

“Because of Love” series comprises of modern songs in contemporary genres of pop, rock, swing, ballad, Latin etc. These pieces provide a refreshing supplement to the classical repertoire and will appeal to pianists of all ages. The technical and rhythmical challenges together with special features such as performance and accompaniment CD make the teaching and learning process enjoyable.

E mail :

Website :

  Dr. Albert Isaac – Feel the nails

In this album, Dr. Albert Issac delivers his rendition of some of the world’s top Gospel Songs like Awesome God (Rich Mullins), Feel the nails, Thank You,  Mercy, I pledge Allegiance to the Lamb, Shepherd Boy (Ray Boltz), Amazing Grace (John Newton), I will be here for you (Michael W Smith), Grace by which I stand Keith Green) and I stand in awe (Mark Altrodge).  Just looking at the list of songs he has chosen will already draw you to this album. The album was recorded in Malaysia with the help of Freddie Fernandez.

Albert Isaac is a gifted communicator and motivator. He has a dynamic international ministry and is the Founder and Senior Pastor of World Harvest Church, Malaysia which has over 100 branch churches and ministries throughout South East Asia Region. Dr. Isaac is committed to see people break free and achieve  their fullest potential and success in life. He is the author of  the book  Your breakthrough is only a seed away.

E mail :
Website :

  Ku Nyanyi Untuk NamaMu – Roge Abergel
  Ku Nyanyi Untuk Nama Mu (I sing a song) is a single released by Roge Abergel who is the Senior Pastor of World Havest Church, California. The song was written by Roge in English and translated to Bahasa Malaysia by Albert Isaac who is pastoring a World Harvest Church in Malaysia. The single was arranged and produced by Rick Balentine from the United States. This is indeed a rare single in Bahasa Malaysia but sung, composed and recorded by Americans.


  LET LOVE SHINE - Danny Tan and friends (All Handicapped)

This album is a good example of triumph in the midst of adversity. All the songs in the album are written and recorded by handicapped people. This Mandarin album contains slower and traditional songs which will minister to an adult audience. The testimonies of the songs will surely touch your lives.

E mail :


1. Songs of love, faith and inspiration
2. From Elvis to Jesus - HT Long

Malaysian Elvis, HT Long releases another 2 albums.

If you didn't check the album covers, you would have thought that the singer of these Gospel songs was Elvis himself! HT Long, a former Elvis Presley of Malaysia, croons 24 Gospel songs and Hymns in these two unique albums in the inimitable Elvis style. He has been singing the songs in the evangelistic rallies both in and out of the country, impacting lives everywhere he goes. his unique ability to communicate the Gospel with songs and in the singing style of Elvis has blessed many churches across Malaysia.


  All 4 Him - Band from members of SIB Church
  All 4 Him are a talented group of young Christians from the SIB church. The group consists of Patrick Johnny Assun, Lenny, Joshua, Ruby, Tunung and Joe Endie. They recorded this Malay album with 8 of their own original Malay songs. Patrick Johnny wrote most of the songs and produced the album. The songs are contemporary worship songs in the Malay language.


The King is alive – HT Long

In the late 70's HT Long won many Elvis Presley singing contests, talent shows and musical competitions. In 1989, the Lord Jesus touched him and he was never the same again. In 1994, he left his video and restaurant businesses and started to use his God given talent and versatile voice to share the Gospel of Christ. He has since ministered in more than 500 churches in Malaysia and all over the world. HT Long has recorded 5 Gospel albums.

The King is alive is a special collection of Gospel Golden Hymns sung by HT Long in his unique Elvis Presley style. Song like Honey In The Rock, Milky White Way, Rock of Ages, One Thing I Ask Of The Lord, Wonderful World, This World Is Not My Home and Let Me Be There are featured in this album.

WHAT A FRIEND - Favorite Hymns in VCD Karaoke

This is a rare Malaysian production of traditional hymns recorded as a Karaoke VCD. Traditional hymns such as What a friend, It is well, Old rugged cross, Just as I am, Amazing Grace, I surrender all, Blessed assurance are recorded in the album. This VCD can be used for singing hymns in small meetings. The album is produced by Christian Music Malaysia. The music is suited mainly an adult audience.

E mail:
Telephone : 60-3-78037285

1. From Elvis to Jesus
2. Heavenly Music , Songs of Faith & Inspiration - HT Long

In the late 60s and early 70s, HT Long was popularly known as the Elvis Presley of Malaysia. That was the title he won at many Elvis Presley singing competitions and talent shows including Mr. Golden Voice. In 1989, he was miraculously touched by the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then, his life was never the same again. He left his restaurant and video businesses and now dedicates his life into full time ministry.

He now uses his talents and incredible versatile singing voice to help spread the Gospel and has ministered in hundreds of Churches, evangelistic rallies and charity concerts throughout Malaysia, Singapore and around the world.