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Brian Yim

Brian is one of the very few musicians who are born with the musical gift from God. At the age of four, he had already mastered the piano, electone and keyboard and was being invited to perform in numerous theatres and halls for public events. His gifted ability to such prolific performances were documented by the Press as “The Miracle Child” in 1979.

After graduating from primary school, he underwent formal musical training under eminent teacher as Mr. Ng Kim Chong, the chief examiner for Yamaha in 1987. He managed to obtain his certification in piano and electone in just 3 years of studies. Since then, his musical journey has soared greater heights during his tertiary education locally and abroad.

During his college years, being active in the musical scene, he was appointed as the music director and conducted many operatic, symphonic and contemporary performances for all major interfaculty events. 1993, he played for the coronation of the King of Malaysia. In 1994, he played for Tun Dr. Mahathir (the former prime minister of Malaysia), Prof. Sir David Williams (Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University), Mr. John P. Bell (High Commissioner of Canada), Dr. Goh (President of Oxford and Cambridge Society).
Parallel to his outstanding musical achievements, he entered the University of Western Michigan as a recipient of the Michael Coakley Schlorship in 1995. Brian frequently appeared as soloist at many international festivals organized by the university and has toured Detroit, Pittsburgh, Florida, New York and Chicago participating in choir groups for Christian worship ceremonies. Academically, he was also one of the very few Chinese to be awarded Hononary Recipient for The National Dean’s List. He graduated with First Class Honors in 1998.

As a music enthusiast, he has traveled to Europe, Greater China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, New York, London, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Egypt, Italy, and Russia where he partly performed for companies’ annual functions and to study music of different cultural values to entice with his musical exposure.
Brian’s rich musical experience has made him the founder of BYMC. He now operates his own music production company envisioning to contribute his talent to the local musical industry. His repertoire covers a great variety of works, ranging from Christian worship songs to contemporary music. In 2003, he has produced an orchestral Christmas album that received many positive feedbacks from local music producers and industrial professionals. His latest Christian vocal album entitled “The Time Has Come” will also featured duets with prominent young artistes like Juwita Suwito (Malaysian Idol Vocal Coach), Joanne Yeoh (top Malaysian Female Violinist), and Vincent Chong (Akademi Fantasia Winner).

His versatility as a natural songwriter, lyricist, keyboardist, arranger and a vocalist ranges from the styles of Classic, R & B, and Jazz. His compositions cover English, Mandarin, and Malay.

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