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  Malaysian Praise 2008

Attracted - Geoff David Koh


“Attracted” is the debut Mandarin album of Singer and Songwriter Geoff David Koh released in 2008. Originating from Sibu, he is presently serving in full time ministry at Blessed Church, Kuching. Geoff is an accomplished song writer and his songs have been recorded by numerous artistes from Canada, China, Taiwan and Malaysia. His songs have also won the top prize at a Malaysian Song writing Competition. Geoff has a heart for evangelism and often speaks at camps and evangelistic meetings, using his gift in music as a tool to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. In 2011, he released his second album “Waking Up”.
魅力 Attracted
Track 01 魅力 Attracted
Track 02 每天多爱祢一点 To Love You More Each Day
Track 03 我的抉择 My Decision
Track 04 今天主的灵充满我
Track 05 愛的奇迹 Miracle Of Love

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You – Full Gospel Church, Johor Jaya (FGC) (2008)


"You" is a live recording by FGC of their own original songs. FGC is one of the largest and most dynamic churches in Johor, having a large English, Mandarin and bilingual congregation.  This album consists of 10 English and 4 Mandarin songs.  This album is called 'You'  to bring our focus to God, ie. 'YOU  are my focus'. Subsequently, as we open our hearts to God, we will also be able to hear his voice say to us 'YOU are the child'. God is worthy and must be the centre of our focus.

The album was produced by Boon Fei, Angela, TCTT, Cornelius and Victor Tan. Music arrangements were done by Koon, Lyn, Peter Lim and Cornelius. TCTT wrote quite a number of songs in the album. A large team of their own musicians and worship leaders  recorded the album.

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Josh Yeoh - Is Anyone Out There


Malaysian singer, song writer and pianist, Josh Yeoh recently released his debut album “Is Anyone Out” featuring 11 of his original songs. These songs were written over the course of the past five years in Josh’s adopted home of Northfield, MN. The album introduces listeners to Josh’s original sounds, from intimate piano-driven melodies to rock anthems and smooth jazz. Josh produced the album himself, performing the vocals, piano, bass and guitars. Recording, mixing and mastering was done by Derrick Raiter from Minneapolis.


1. Prelude
2. Tonight
3. Out Of The Boat
4. Bring Me Home
5. Is Anyone Out There
6. My Help
7. Remember
8. Tomorrow’s Gonna Be OK
9. In The Wilderness
10. Learning To Fall
11. Offering Of Love

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Chen Sing - True Worship



“True worship” is Dr. Yap Chen Sing’s first  English album. Chen Sing has already released several Mandarin albums.  This English album comprises of some of  her best Mandarin  songs from her previous albums translated into English. The tracks include “On Calvary”, “Wings of Love”, True Worship”, “Let Me”, and “Lifted Me High”. The album also features “Dalam SayapMu”, an Indonesian version of “Wings of Love” and a special instrumental piece of “True Worship” on the  harp. This album seeks to bring listeners  closer to God as they reflect true worship in spirit and in truth.

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Elohim - Patrick Leong


Patrick Leong?s 3rd album Elohim is an album that provides a tug at your soul. More than just an intimate worship experience, Elohim is an album dedicated to the Greatness and Glory of God the Father through worship. Elohim represents the Name of God in Hebrew. Reflected in the title track itself, this album is crafted into a devotional material that helps one worship in the most intimate manner through songs. Comprising brand new tracks plus a working collaboration with so many gifted and wonderfully talented individuals, this album promises yet another magnified with the Father above through personalized worship. experience

Prelude /C'mon & Praise Him / Inspiring Truth / Rock of My Salvation
/ Consuming Fire / On Holy Ground / Elohim / In Remembrance of Me / Through Him / We were the Reason/ Satu Doa / Dream Centre / Bila / Here in this Moment



Hope That One Day - mandarin Compilation by Oop's Asia


Hope That One Day is s compilation of Mandarin songs written and sung by various artistes. The album represents Oops Asia's heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the gift of salvation which was made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. It is their fervent prayer and hope that listeners will also experience the grace of God and the joy of knowing Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

01 This is Blessedness (Galvin Sng)
02 I No Longer Live (Christopher Chuah & Cathrine)
03 I Need You (Gabby Tham)
04 In The Vineyard (Joanne Loh)
05 Agape Love (Christopher Chuah & Cathrine)
06 Thank You My Friend (Galvin Sng)
07 I am Willing (Cathrine)
08 Let Me Say I Love You (Gabby Tham)
09 My Prayer (Joanne Loh)
10 Hope that One Day (Galvin Sng)



Life – Fungates Music ( Lim Chee Peng & Clarine Chun)



Life is Fungates Music  third release following their earlier two albums Cool and IN.  Life contains a  buffet of songs  that satisfies all appetites, with songs suitable for the young, old, contemporary and conservative. The songs have one main purpose – draw people to joyful worship. The theme song of this album ‘Love Of My Life’ has already  received raving reports by those who have used it for worship. This song draws people into God’s presence and in the process changes their  lives. The songs ‘Right Size’, ‘Summer Holiday’, ‘High Speed’ and ‘Clap Your Hands’ are among the  favorite songs of the youth. ‘Daddy’s Treasure, Mommy’s Gem’ is a tender song written to welcome newborns. The song ‘Parents’ has its unique blend of a mixture of English and Mandarin. It’s a heartwarming song dedicated to dad and mom. These songs tend to grow on you. The more you listen, the more you will enjoy them.

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PG165 - Let it All Out (Review by Esther Mui - used by permission)



PG165 is a Christian rock band that hails from Melaka. The band was formed in 2004 when five MMU students from different backgrounds came together for the event "Battle of the Bands". Since then it has been a journey of no return for the 5. The band comprises of Jason Teoh (on guitar and vocals), Justin Lee (on guitar and vocals), NZX (on bass), VJ ( on drums) and Deric Tan (on keyboards).
The beauty in their diversity is reflected in their friendship and love for the music that they play and the songs that they sing. PG165 is a band whose passion and vision is to see lives challenged and touched through the experience of their music and songs. Playing high-energy music and providing an electrifying atmosphere is their trademark.
Let it All Out is their debut EP. All 5 tracks were written and arranged by PG165.
My World / Let it All Out / I Will / My Friend / You're My Everything


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  One –  Steve Leong
   Unleashed – Blister

ONE is a collection of songs written by Steve Leong over the last decade. Most of the tracks were recorded and produced at the time that they were written, hence capturing the impressions he experienced at that time.  The album consists of 10 tracks, 5 tracks with vocals, and another 5 tracks are purely music. Steve played all the instruments.  The song Marc n Nick were written about his 2 sons Marcus and Nicholas. The song came at a time when his son Nicholas was about 1 year old and in and out of hospital. Patrick Leong performed amazingly in Abba Father and Juwita performed in the title track One. Steve sang vocals himself on the track A Hymn of Gratitude.

1. Abba Almighty – Vocals by Patrick Leong
2. One – Vocals by Juwita Suwito (recorded in 2003)
3. Marc n Nick.
4. A Hymn of Gratitude - Vocals by Steve Leong
5. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow – Vocals by Amy Yeoh
6. East to West
7. JSS – Vocals by Loretta Chin
8. Genesis: Creation
9. Evening Shore
10. In His Arms


  Unleashed –  Blister
   Unleashed – Blister

Unleashed is the debut album of the Rock Band Blister. The album consist of 11 of their original songs written by band members Peter Khor and Micah Lee. Their songs boldly present some of the views, including the futility of war, hypocrisy, their personal faith in God, temptations, child abuse, self centeredness etc. Some of their lyrics are also rather thought provoking eg. He will be sending red roses to your grave, I?m Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde?disinfect me know. Even their song title are designed to evoke an interest eg. Ded Fly, Like Hell, Dying to Live, 247365. Unleashed is certainly a hard rocking conceptual album.

The band Blister comprises of Micah Lee (lead vocals), Peter Khor (Guitar/vocals), Nick Nathan (bass) and David Khor drums). The band?s memorable performances include playing in the Youth Unlimited concert series in Bangkok, an opening act for Sonic Flood in Chiang Mai, Thailand, at the MRSC 2007 and at Shah Alam Tribute (SALT 2007) concert. The album was produced by Peter Khor, Joe Loy and Nick Lee.

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  Army of Three

Army of Three is an Alternative Rock Group from Klang. Formed in 2005, the band consists of Jeff on lead vocals and guitars, Alex on guitars, Eddy on the drums and Darren on bass. Their interesting name is a reflection of the Power of Trinity, which represents the band?s faith and background. ( You have to think what their name means as it is certainly not the number of members in their band as there have 4 members). Recently, they released a single with 3 of their songs, Blind me to see, Take me, and I?ll never walk back.

With a blend of positive lyrics and cutting edge rock music combined with explosive live performances, the band is striving to make a difference, and influence youth in a positive way.

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  The Joy of the Lord ( Hokkien Album) – KB Chan
   The Joy of the Lord ( Hokkien Album) – KB Chan

This is a rare Hokkien Album released by KB Chan who already has 7 albums to his credits. This latest release contains 10 tracks including his popular Father's Day song "Daddy, You're My Hero". Another ?Tharn Ean? (Sweet Incense) speaks of our worship as a perfume in God?s presence. ?Tharn Ean? reached No.1 in Soundclick, Contemporary Christian Charts.

A Cantonese by birth, Pastor KB was educated in English, and can neither read nor write Chinese. Nevertheless, God gave him the Hokkien song 'Tharn Ean' during one of his afternoon naps. With the help of his friends, he went on to compose 8 other Hokkien songs for the album.

KB Chan is a walking miracle. Despite the fact that he has no kidneys and has been on dialysis for these last 13 years, he is still ministering in churches and camps all over Malaysia and beyond. His life is truly a testimony of God's grace, mercy, love, provision, and sustenance in times of need.

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  Rizuan, The Musical – The Starmakers
   Rizuan, The Musical – The Starmakers

This amazing musical is built upon the winning songs of Malaysia Revival Song writing competition 2006. Among the songs used are It All Comes Down (Micah Lee) In Awe, Take it to the Lord, On this Day (Diana Wee) You're the Only One, Don?t stay that way (Peter Khor) You that I Want (Lydia Tan). Script writer and founder of Starmakers Amelia Tan managed to bring all these songs together to tell a wonderful story of a young person of mix parentage Rizuan, whose love for a girl helps him overcome barriers of race and religion. This enchanting tale is filled with laughter, friendship and special effects. The original lead cast in 2006 included Samuel Oh and Eunice Jesudasan who mesmerized a live audience with their outstanding performance. This album is a studio recording with lead vocals by Samuel Oh and Coleen Yap and song arrangement by Sharon Paul. Peter Chong mastered and mixed the album. Soundclick:

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SAND–HOPE by Lucy L (Hokkien Album)
Masterpiece Music

After releasing her first album, SAND – SOLD OUT album (SAND- Saved for A New Destiny) in 2002, and second album, SAND -DREAMS in 2004, Lucy L has re-emerged to launch her third album SAND- HOPE. Amazingly, HOPE is a Hokkien album consisting of 9 of her original songs. Charis Tan and Raymond Tan wrote one other song in the album.

One would have thought a Hokkien album would be of a traditional Chinese style but Lucy L has brought a contemporary feel to her Hokkien album. Some of her songs are arranged with a gentle R&B feel. There are also excellent worship songs in the album previously recorded in English, among them Come Holy Spirit and Alpha & Omega. Come Holy Spirit made an international presence when it was recorded by Kingsway Music, United Kingdom. The songs By My Bide, Hope and Why are also excellent worship songs.

Originating from Penang, Lucy L, who produced this album herself, gathered a team of young musicians and singers from several churches to do this recording. Lead vocals were performed by Chai Lin, Calvin Lim, Ko Bee, Jessica Loo and Joni Tham. Music arrangement were done by PC Fong, EH Chong, HY Chan and TW Teoh. Most of the recording were done in Penang but the final mixing and mastering were done in Kuala Lumpur’s by acclaimed sound engineer Nick Lee at Sonique Studios. SAND-HOPE certain brings Hokkien music in Malaysia to a new level.

Lucy L and Raymond Tan are already well known in the music education circles when they released a song book series of their original songs for piano entitled Because of Love. One of the songs in the series Only You was chosen as an exam piece for ANSCAR 2007 exam syllabus in Australia. Recently 26 pieces have been chosen by St Cecilia School of music in Australia as their exam pieces from 2008 onwards.

Make sure you do not miss the exciting songs coming from these albums.

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  Life Overflowing – Susan Yuen
   Life Overflowing – Susan Yuen

Life Overflowing is an album released by Susan Yuen who wrote the lyrics for the 10 songs in the album. The music were composed by Darren Weller and  Carmee Lim. Susan Yuen established “Project Touch Heaven” to raise funds for the needy and poor. All the sale proceeds of this album goes to this project for the poor.

  Free to Fall



Free to Fall is an all girl band originating from Klang. The band was formed in Dec 2005 with most of them having little knowledge about playing instruments or making music. But having a shared passion and love for music has brought them to where they are now. They are a versatile band mostly dabbling in Pop rock music that also have a number of self composed songs; one of which made its way to the finals of a local song-writing competition. Today they have traveled all around, playing in schools, corporate functions, restaurants, churches and music festivals. The band include Jane Chong (Lead Vocals & Keyboards), Adeline Oh (Lead Guitar1 & Backing Vocals), Yin Har ( Lead Guitar), Jane Sebastian (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals) and Ker Shin (Drums). Among their songs released are The Wait, Run Run Run, Falling Sunshine and Four walls. Keep a look out for them.




Fly – Amy Lim ( Mandarin album)



Fly is Amy Lim’s latest release of 8 mandarin and 2 English songs. The album, produced by Daniel Foo of Gecko Music, consists mainly of slower worship and testimony songs. Amy Lim brings an intimate delivery in her slower songs, Because of Love, The Lord’s Prayer, Would you come, Special friend, Redeem, My beloved and When you are weary. The title track Fly, however has a faster contemporary feel and is rather catchy. The song “If” has a rap feel and sung by Daniel Foo with a children’s choir. Overall the album is very soothing and easy listening for a sensitive listener.

At 14 years, Amy Lim was signed by Singapore Broadcast Corporation. In 1985, she was signed by White Clouds Records and released 2 solo albums. In 1986, at the peak of her music career, she left the entertainment industry to further her studies in America. Several years ago, she experienced the transforming power of God in her life. This debut Gospel album reflects her special journey with God and her desire to bless others with her God-given musical talent.

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