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  Malaysian Praise 2000
STRETCHED FOR HIS GLORY by New Life Restoration Centre, Petaling Jaya


STRETCHED FOR HIS GLORY is a live worship recording by NLRC. The recording was done in the church itself , using all their original songs. Aalva Jitab and Yee Yew Weng, both from NLRC co-produced this album.



MICHELLE – Better Days



Michelle is the daughter of Pastor David Swan from the Tabernacle of David. MICHELLE – Better Days is her first solo album. All the songs in the album were written and sung by Michelle herself. The album is very contemporary and would cater for the younger generation.

Michelle is truly a Malaysian Christian Artist with her own songs and a distinctive style of music. Her fresh style of music and singing will leave you pleasantly surprised. The best songs in her album are "Better days" and "Thanking God for You" and "Rain on Me".

The album is recorded and arranged by Rick Balentine in the United States. You can make enquiries on the album at Tel: 603-4022 7530, 603-4022 7560