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Lyrics and music: WahLok

In year 2002, I would have known Jesus as my personal savior for 28 years. In all these years, I have walked closely with Him. As you begin to know Jesus more, you will realize how much He loved us when He left His glory in heaven and came to this earth to die for our sins. The love of God still astounds me often.

In the late 70s, David Meece wrote the song "We were the reason". It is one of the most beautiful songs about Jesus being born to die for us on the cross. For years, I have said within my heart that one day, I will also write a song like that . Well, 20 years later, here is my song written along the same theme but with a greater focus on the cross. Jesus loved me so much that He came to die for me.

When I finished writing "I'm the reason", I e mailed a friend and told her I have written my best song in 10 years. She did not believe me as I had written nearly 40 songs in the last 10 years. How do you know you have written your best song ? But in my spirit, I knew this was my best song of the decade because it captures the love of Jesus when He died for me on the cross. Whenever I listen to the recording of the song, a strong sense of God's love comes over me and I am reminded over and over again, "I'm the reason why He came". It draws me back to His presence in worship.

I hope you will discover the anointing in "I'm the reason". Perhaps you may also agree with me that this is the best song in the album.

Verse 1
He hung upon the rugged cross
He bore my shame
And His blood flowed from 
His pierced hands, 
His pierced feet, 
His pierced side
I'm the reason why He came,

Verse 2
He bore the stripes, upon His back
He took upon Himself
The sin of humanity, 
To bring us liberty
To set us free,
I'm the reason why He came
I'm the reason why He died
I'm the reason why.

His love is such a mystery
A God would come to die for me ?
I'm the reason why He came
My mind just cannot comprehend
That God would stretch His loving hand…….for me
I'm the reason why He came

Verse 3
Mercy flowed , from the Father's throne
When He saw the blood 
Of His only Son, 
The veil was torn, 
The vic'try won
New lives are born
Wrath and anger, turned to grace,

Verse 4
For God so loved the world He gave
His only Son,
And whoever will believe in Him
They will receive eternal life
I'm the reason why He came
I'm the reason why He died
I'm the reason why.

Repeat chorus

ã 2001, Ng Wah Lok